How to Travel Nova Scotia On A Budget

Traveling to Nova Scotia can be one of the more inexpensive travel experiences. If you are from the east coast, you could have an excellent short getaway. Go solo, with a travel partner or better yet with a group of friends.

What Is The Currency In St Thomas Virgin Island

With its green mountains, tropical forests, coves and beaches, St Thomas in the Virgin Islands is a dream tropical paradise. Plan a visit any time of the year, and you can expect an unforgettable vacation experience in this popular tropical destination.

How Many Days In Madrid Is Enough

How Many Days In Madrid Is Enough

I spent 3 days in Madrid, and I can recommend with confidence to any traveler that you can experience the Spanish capital as long as you plan an itinerary. This short time can be well spent if you identify priority destinations that any first-timer should see.

Best Time to Visit Cornwall England

Best Time To Visit Cornwall England

Visit Cornwall and be overwhelmed by England’s rich, storied past. The long beautiful coastline has some of the finest beaches. The Cornish landscape is dotted with evidence of colorful history and heritage full of myths and legends.

How Many Days to Spend In Stockholm

How Many Days To Spend In Stockholm

Stockholm in 3 days is going to be a hectic schedule, but a fun one. There are so many places to visit, both historic and modern. The outdoor sites are also equally fun, so prepare for a whirlwind vacation.

Average Drink Prices in Vegas

Average Drink Prices In Vegas

Drink prices in Vegas vary just like anywhere else. Do not be put off just because you are in “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” The same factors that drive the prices of drinks up or down apply in Vegas too.

How Many Days Do You Need In New Orleans

How Many Days Do You Need In New Orleans

Not for the shy or timid, you visit this city for partying action. A New Orleans Itinerary will have bars to hop, food to savor, and music to let your spirit soar. Party people from all over the globe come for the raucous fun.

Is Santiago Chile Worth Visiting

Is Santiago Chile Worth Visiting

Visiting Santiago Chile proved to be an amazing choice as it has both the cosmopolitan urban experience and immersive nature trips just an hour from each other. I believe that Santiago’s time to shine has arrived as a premier South American destination.

Chiang Mai To Phuket Train  – What You Need To Know

Chiang Mai To Phuket Train  - What You Need To Know

A Chiang Mai to Phuket train ride is an excellent choice for travel from these Thailand destinations. The trains are comfortable, safe, and the least expensive mode of travel. Get your tickets easily online or at a railway station.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Barcelona

How Many Days Should I Spend In Barcelona

The Barcelona itinerary of 5 days is the most manageable and satisfying. After five days, I was able to enjoy the many places at a relaxed pace without rushing. Barcelona is a city you not only visit but also experience.