Can I Bring A Clothing Iron On A Plane

There are no restrictions on carrying a regular iron through an airport security X-ray screening checkpoint. If it is a gas-powered flat iron, the gas cartridge needs to be placed in the correct manner, and there should be a safety cover over the heating element.

The TSA officer may inspect this after it has been checked through the x-ray machine. However, you cannot carry a steam iron through the security checkpoint with extra gas or butane cartridges.

Generally, clothing irons are not on the list of forbidden items for carry-on bags. However, any item that sets off alarms during a screening process raises additional security issues because of the weight; Transportation Security Administration officers have the discretion to refuse items or let them go through security in your hand luggage.

You should pack the item in a checked bag because of the officer’s discretion, especially when traveling internationally. You should know the TSA’s restrictions before boarding a flight with an iron in your luggage.

In our guide, you can find out more about, can I bring an iron on a plane? By the end, you’ll see the rules for a traveling iron or a small hand iron and what you can carry as you fly. (Read Can You Bring Aluminum Foil On A Plane)

Bring A Clothing Iron On A Plane

Can You Take Flat Iron In Checked Bags?

To start, you are permitted to pack a clothes iron in checked luggage, regardless of its size or weight. However, it might be wiser to pack a smaller travel iron for clothes in carry-on luggage. A full-size clothes iron might not be permitted if the TSA agent believes it is too hefty to be used as a weapon.

Electric flat iron: There are no restrictions on how you can pack and check an electric flat iron in your checked baggage.

Gas flat iron: Both spare gas cartridges and gas flat irons are not permitted in checked luggage. If you do, airport security will probably open the bags and seize the items. Because of this, the team would also be unable to put out a fire if the gas canister leaked and ignited on fire.

Note: It isn’t advisable for packing an expensive clothes iron in your hand luggage.

Can You Take a Travel Iron in Carry-On Luggage?

A travel-sized iron is acceptable to bring on a plane in hand luggage because of its smaller size so that you can do so without problems. A travel iron is your best bet when bringing a carry-on bag and traveling light.

When Doesn’t A TSA Operative Allow an Iron on a Plane?

Hand luggage cannot contain any item that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) seems to have the potential to be used as a weapon. It is difficult to fathom how someone may be harmed by an iron, given how heavy they are.

If a TSA officer notices that your iron grabs their attention, they may ask you to open your carry-on so that they can investigate it. This is because TSA officers are trained to recognize potentially hazardous items.

Suppose you are concerned about the potential dangers of transporting a full-sized clothing iron in your carry-on luggage. In that case, you might bring a smaller iron or consider investing in a travel iron. In that case, you should either put it in your checked luggage or choose not to.

Can I Pack My Clothing Iron in My Checked Luggage?

A clothing iron can be easily packed in your checked luggage. If you like, you may bring more irons or irons of any size. However, it might not be worth the money if you check a bag to bring an iron.

You could be better off saving on wasting bag capacity and paying for dry cleaning or buying an iron when you get to your location. (Read Can You Bring A Picture Frame On A Plane)

How Should I Pack an Iron For My Flight?

The ideal way to put an iron in your checked luggage doesn’t need anything special. Clothing irons are durable, although there are some general guidelines to prevent accidents.

  • Make sure your iron hasn’t been used recently as a first step. Do not pack a hot iron, as it should go without saying.
  • Next, drain any remaining water from the steam chamber. You do not want water to spill all over your clothing.
  • Finally, to keep the iron away from your other items, wrap it in a thin towel or place it in a plastic bag.
  • Irons occasionally leave black or rust stains that can transfer to your clothing or other items you’ve packed.

Can I Carry Liquid Wrinkle Remover on Planes?

You can put liquid wrinkle remover instead of an iron, but obey the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids restriction. Any wrinkle remover above 3.4 oz (100 mL) must be checked. Travel-sized liquid wrinkle removers are TSA-compliant.

Carry a Garment Steamer on a Plane

Can I Carry a Garment Steamer on a Plane?

If you don’t iron or have delicate items, you can pack an empty garment steamer in your checked or carry-on suitcase.

You can’t bring a steamer with water. This is against TSA standards and could cause your steamer to leak. Also, ensure your garment steamer doesn’t make your hand luggage exceed weight limits, the streamer is large, or the airline will charge you extra to bring it.

The TSA does not have any section on its website that indicates whether portable steamers are allowed through the security checkpoint and carry-on bags.

Can I Carry A Steamer On International Flights

There aren’t any special TSA clothing rules for air transport and taking a separate portable steamer on an international trip. However, you must ensure it’s accessible if a security officer wants to check it out.

If you frequently change airports, you should know the TSA in the US and other airports, besides the airlines, enforce the laws.

It would be best to examine the airport rules because airport security may still stop you.

But given that steamers are not regarded as harmful items, you may find no airport will forbid you from packing them in your carry-on bag, but to be safe, pack them in your checked bag, or the security agent could stop you from taking them on the plane. (Read Will Size 22 Fit In An Airplane Seat)


Because the TSA rules prohibit many items from going through airport security checkpoints for carry-on bags, passengers must leave certain items at home or pack them in their checked bags if they want to bring them on board.

For carrying an iron, you can bring it in your hand luggage; however, it is strongly recommended that you pack the iron in one of your checked bags instead.

Although the TSA does not prohibit irons, some security officers may believe it is unsafe and ask you to remove it from your carry-on luggage if they have that opinion.

If you are only allowed to bring carry-on luggage on your trip, a travel-sized iron might be a better choice than a standard iron because it is less likely to attract unwanted attention.

Think about whether you should pack your iron in your carry-on or in your checked luggage before making a final decision.

Can I Bring A Clothing Iron On A Plane

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