Can I Carry 2 Laptops On International Flight

It’s common for some travelers to bring two laptops with them during their travels. Whether it’s a personal preference or wanting to establish boundaries between personal and work, it is understandable why people opt to carry multiple laptops on board.

However, first-time travelers might wonder whether two or more laptops are allowed during international flights. If you want to be sure, read this article, and we’ll discuss everything you need to know about carrying multiple laptops when flying to another country.

Can I Carry 2 Laptops on International Flight?

Yes, two laptops are allowed on most international flights. Most airlines do not have quantity limitations on how many laptops you’ll bring. You can even carry three or more laptops with you, and they won’t confiscate any of them.

The problem with bringing multiple laptops to other countries is dealing with the country’s customs at the airport. Some countries like India and a few European countries impose a tariff on electronics when they find out they were purchased abroad and not personally owned.

They call this the customs duty tax, where you must pay between 10-40% import duty, depending on the country you’ll be going to. However, this applies only to laptops purchased overseas, which may require proof of purchase during the inspection. (Read Do Vapes Set Off Metal Detectors)

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Other Airlines Rules About Bringing Laptops

We listed the rules of most common airline regulators that fly outside of the United States when it comes to carrying laptops:

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

IATA, the most prominent airline regulator in the US, covers about 290 airlines in 120 countries. IATA allows laptops in carry-on bags and checked luggage, but they recommend bringing the device to your cabin baggage. Just make sure that it’s completely turned off!

Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA)

TCCA has no restrictions when it comes to carrying laptops. Laptops are allowed both in carry-on bags and checked luggage of the passengers.

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)

Laptops are generally allowed by the CAAC, but the batteries should be less than 160 watt-hours. Laptops with battery watt-hours of more than 160 must seek airline approval before the flight.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

CASA regulates flights to and from Australia, allowing laptops with batteries less than 160 watt-hours in carry-on bags and checked luggage. (Learn How Long Does Cologne Last)

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Are Laptops Banned on Domestic Flights?

No, laptops are not banned on domestic flights. You can even bring more than one laptop per Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and place them in your carry-on bag or checked luggage. While the TSA doesn’t have exact regulations about bringing laptops on domestic flights, here’s what they said in one of their tweets when someone asked about carrying a laptop with him:

“Laptops are allowed in carry-on bags with no quantity limitations. Please remove all personal electronic devices larger than a cellphone and place them in a bin for X-ray screening.”

TSA only reminded the passenger to put their cellphone, laptop, and other portable electronic devices in a separate bin to ensure that they won’t trigger the alarm at the airport. TSA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also only have strict regulations regarding lithium batteries. Most airlines also do not allow passengers to bring spare batteries that are over 100 watt-hours without airline approval. But since modern laptops do not require extra batteries and only charging, try to keep this in mind for your other electronic devices.

Airline Rules About Carrying MacBook Laptops

Apart from spare lithium batteries, the only exception when carrying laptops is when you’re bringing an Apple MacBook.

In case you didn’t know, Apple recalled its 15-inch MacBook laptops made between 2015 to 2017 because its built-in lithium batteries tend to overheat and catch fire. Due to this announcement, several airlines have banned these particular recalled models on the plane.

While some airlines only banned these recalled models, Virgin Australia airlines banned all MacBook models from being brought on board, regardless of whether it’s a recalled model.

Tips When Packing a Laptop for Travel

We know you only want the utmost safety when bringing your laptop on your travels. Here are some valuable tips to make sure your laptop is kept safe:

Do not pack your laptop in your checked luggage

If you’re considering placing your laptop in your checked bag, don’t even dare do it! Once you have already checked in your luggage, you don’t have control over it. Checked bags get stacked, smashed, and tossed around while in transit, which you want to avoid when your valuable laptop is in it.

Pick a carry-on bag with multiple compartments

If you’re bringing multiple laptops with you, it will help that your carry-on bag has multiple compartments so you can segmentize your items. This will help you find your items quickly when you need them. The same goes for your laptops, which will have their own space and won’t get mixed with your other things. (Read Can You Chew Tobacco On A Plane)

Make sure your laptop is charged

There are incidents when airport security asks passengers to turn on their laptops for added inspection. So, it would be best if you charged your laptop and other electronic devices when flying internationally so you wouldn’t have to deal with interrogations about them.

Pack your laptop before anything else

You do not want your laptop squeezing in last minute when you’re packing, so it’s best to pack it in your bag first. Once you’ve placed it in your hand luggage, you’ll know how much left you should put, so you only fill it in a little and squash your laptop.

Place it in a laptop bag

A bag within a bag? Definitely, yes, for utmost safety. Putting your laptop directly into your carry-on bag makes it prone to scratches since it goes in contact with your other items, which is a big no-no. Place it in a laptop bag before storing it in your hand luggage.

Place your charger in a separate compartment

Do not put your charger in the same compartment as your laptop if you’re not using a laptop bag, so it won’t get tangled when you have to take out your laptop.

Putting Your Laptop in Checked Baggage

TSA allows putting your laptop in your checked baggage, but we don’t recommend it. As a valuable item, you always want to watch all your devices.

But if you’ll be bringing multiple laptops and you want to store some of it in your checked bag, here are some things you can do to make sure it’s protected:

  • Before anything else, ensure you turn off your laptop to prevent causing unnecessary hazards once you check in your luggage. Remember, spare batteries aren’t allowed.
  • Wrap the center of your laptop with three or more layers of bubble wrap. This will serve as a protective layer above the laptop.
  • You can also add padding in the laptop corners using a piece of foam. Secure it with packing tape for better protection.
  • Wrap it with clothing such as your sweater or shirt for added protection, then place it in the center of your luggage.
  • Keep your cords, charger, and other laptop accessories in one organizer so they won’t get scattered all over your luggage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are related questions that might be helpful if you’re still unsure about carrying a laptop with you:

Are laptops banned on flights?

No. Laptops are not banned both on domestic and international flights.

How many laptops can I bring on a plane?

There is no quantity limitation regarding the number of laptops you can bring. You can carry as many as you want!

How many electronic devices can I bring on a plane?

TSA doesn’t have limitations on how many electronic devices you can bring. It will depend on the airline where you’ll board, such as American Airlines, which only allows two portable electronic devices on a flight. Best if you contact the airline before your flight to confirm.

Can you use a laptop on the plane?

Yes, passengers are allowed to use laptops during the flight. Ensure you put your laptop and other electronic devices into airplane mode throughout the flight. You must also refrain from using your laptop during the take-off and landing to avoid causing unwanted emergencies or trouble. (Read Can You Bring Tripod On Plane)

Can I bring a desktop on a flight?

Yes, desktops are allowed on a plane, both in hand luggage and checked bags. They are also generally safer than laptops since they don’t have built-in batteries, which can be a potential hazard.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to worry about bringing multiple laptops during travel. The only thing you must remember when carrying them is how to keep them safe throughout. As long as you have your eye on them, you’ll have a worry-free trip with your valuable items.

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