Can You Bring A Crochet Hook On A Plane

As a keen crocheter, you may wonder, are crochet hooks allowed on an airplane? The short answer is yes, you can bring crochet hooks on an airplane! But before packing your crochet hooks and scissors in your carry-on luggage, you must check the latest TSA guidelines and airline policies.

The transportation security administration makes the final decision on which items are allowed through security screening. TSA agents may flag items as potential weapons – like metal hooks or large scissors with sharp blades – and confiscate them if deemed unsafe for carry-on. That’s why it’s wise to opt for travel-friendly materials like plastic crochet hooks and small craft scissors under 4”.

When packing, store your crochet tools securely in a protective case or pouch to prevent injury to baggage handlers during screening. Only pack what you need to minimize items being questioned. In our guide, you can learn more about how to take crochet hooks on planes for domestic or international flights.

bring crochet hook on plane

By the end, you’ll learn plenty of tips for traveling with knitting needles, crochet hooks, and scissors with blades. Ultimately, you’ll see how to confidently bring your crochet on the plane for stitching during your flight! (Learn How To Carry Chocolates In Flight Without Melting)

Check TSA Guidelines Before Taking Crochet Hook

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific regulations regarding which items are allowed in carry-on luggage vs checked baggage. As the rules frequently change, it’s a good idea to check the TSA website when asking, “Can I Take my crochet hooks onto a plane?”

You’ll also want to verify if the airline you’re flying with has any additional restrictions. Checking both TSA and the airline’s website will give you the full picture of what’s permitted to avoid any problems at the airport.

The final decision rests with the TSA on whether an item is allowed through the security checkpoint and onto a plane. So even if an item is usually permitted, the officer has discretion to prohibit any object they deem potentially dangerous.

Can I Bring Scissors On The Plane?

Along with your crochet hook and knitting needles, you’ll likely want to pack a small pair of travel scissors or snips for trimming yarn ends and yarn cutting.

According to TSA guidelines, at the time of writing, you can bring scissors with blades smaller than 4 inches from the pivot point in your carry-on luggage, yet the final discretion is up to the TSA.

They must be placed in checked baggage, if any larger, to be safe. Alternatively, to avoid people checking, and if you want to be extra cautious, take nail clippers rather than a pair of scissors.


Can I Bring Needles On The Plane?

Under TSA regulations, knitting needles, needlepoint tools, and crochet hooks in hand luggage are all permitted in carry-on bags. They must be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and TSA officers during the screening process.

For flights departing from an international airport, be aware of additional restrictions. Some countries prohibit hooks, sewing needles, and scissors as carry-on items. Always check the laws and regulations of your departing airport when traveling internationally with crochet tools.

Tips to Secure Crochet Hooks On An Airplane

Don’t Take Your Best Crochet Gear With You

While the TSA allows crochet hooks in carry-on luggage, there’s always a slight risk of them getting lost or confiscated during security screening. For peace of mind, it’s best to leave your most expensive or delicate hooks at home.

Choose Small Projects To Carry in Carry-On Luggage

Packing lightly is vital for navigating airport security swiftly. Opt for smaller crochet projects that won’t take up much room in your bag and can easily be transported on the plane. Bulky yarn and massive half-finished blankets are best suited for checked luggage only. (Read Can You Bring Sharpies On A Plane)

Use Project Bags For Your Crochet Project

Many people like to keep project bags to store project materials neatly in one place and prevent loose hooks, scissors, or yarn from getting misplaced during transit. In addition, when it comes to flying and to keep your project safe on the plane. You can hang your project bag on the back of the seat in front of you on a long flight to keep smaller projects in one place.

Learn How Much to Take With You

Only bring the essentials – a few skeins of yarn, small scissors, a couple of hooks, and your project bag. For longer trips, stash extra supplies in your checked luggage.

Take an Extra Empty Bag

If possible, keep a foldable empty bag in your carry-on. That way, if you do get questioned by the TSA about your crochet hooks or knitting needles, you can place them in the empty bag to check at the gate without holding up the security line.

What is the Best Hook for Carry On Crochet Project?

When it comes to traveling with crochet, your hook material, size, and ergonomic style are all factors to consider:

Metal Hooks

Stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal crochet hooks are durable for travel. However, their rigid material could potentially be confiscated if mistaken as a weapon.

Wooden Hooks

Wood hooks like bamboo styles can snap if tossed around by airport luggage handlers. They also show wear over time, which can worsen with regular travel in hand luggage.

Plastic Hooks

Lightweight plastic crochet hooks with rounded ends are your safest bet for avoiding security issues. They stow nicely in a carry-on bag without adding extra weight.

A plastic type of crochet hook may not feel as comfortable for marathon crocheting sessions as wood or metal ones. But they’ll get the job done for in-flight projects. (Read Can You Bring Aluminum Foil On A Plane)

Ergonomic Hooks

Ergonomic handles allow for longer periods of crocheting without hand strain. Look for ergonomic hooks with plastic or rubber handles rather than wood that could potentially crack when packed tightly.

Take Plastic or Bamboo Hooks

Based on TSA regulations for carry-ons, plastic and bamboo crochet hooks are ideal options for hassle-free travel with your hooks. Metal hooks risk getting confiscated, while wood ones could break in transit. Both plastic and bamboo provide needed flexibility and lightweight portability.

Final Tips for Taking Crochet On the Plane:

  • Always check TSA and airline rules about crochet hooks in carry-ons before traveling. Guidelines frequently change.
  • Have your hooks sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to TSA officers during an inspection. A case provides protection.
  • Pack scissors with blades smaller than 4 inches for the highest chance of getting them past the security checkpoint.
  • Be prepared to place hooks/scissors in checked baggage if prohibited by airline staff at the checkpoint.
  • Bring an empty tote bag to transfer questionable items if needed while going through security quickly.
  • Opt for smaller, portable projects when on a plane journey. Overstuffed project bags invite an additional security check.
  • Pack an extra crochet hook in your checked baggage if it is confiscated.
  • Choose plastic or bamboo hooks that meet TSA guidelines and are durable for frequent fliers.

While laws prohibit certain, sharp objects, crochet hooks and other needle arts tools are mostly permitted in carry-on luggage. As always, airport security and airline staff have the final say in interpreting policies. Be cooperative if asked to place hooks or scissors in checked baggage.

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Conclusion: Can I Take My Crochet Tools On A Plane

The regulations around taking crochet tools on an airplane include preparation and common sense.

The good news is that millions of crafters fly safely with their knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other tools in their carry-ons all the time. Remember that rules change, and the airline and TSA have the final say.

But you should feel confident you can bring your crochet hook on a plane under current policies.

Just use wise judgment in following the guidelines and limiting what you pack in your carry-on baggage to crochet on the go. If all else fails and you lose your yarn and hook supply, search for local yarn stores at your destination. (Read Can I Bring A Clothing Iron On A Plane)


Now that you know the basics of what you can and can’t bring, here are answers to some other common questions crocheters have about how to fly with their hooks and yarn:

Should I pack my crochet hooks in checked luggage instead?

TSA guidelines allow crochet hooks in carry-on bags, so you don’t have to pack them in checked luggage if you don’t want to. However, some people prefer the peace of mind of having them stowed safely underneath the plane instead of going through security screening. It’s a personal choice based on your comfort level.

Can I crochet during take-off and landing?

Most airlines prohibit using sharp objects like knitting needles and crochet hooks during take-off and landing.

What if my crochet hooks get confiscated at security?

If TSA determines your hooks are prohibited and they confiscate your crochet supplies, there isn’t much you can do. They will not be returned to you. Some airports may allow you to mail them from the airport at your own cost, but policies vary. Bringing an inexpensive set of backup hooks in your checked bag is wise if you’re concerned.

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