Can You Bring Condoms On Plane

When it comes to topics about condoms, lubes, and the like, people often get shy to ask, thinking people might judge them. In these situations, people search for these things on the internet to lessen their embarrassment. This includes whether they can bring condoms and the like on the plane during travel.

Suppose you’re going on a romantic getaway or want to enjoy and explore. In that case, you might wonder whether it’s permitted on your carry-on or checked baggage. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about bringing condoms on a plane or whether there are restrictions on carrying them. (Read What If A Hotel Forgets To Charge You)

All About Condoms

To start, let’s give a quick overview of condoms.

Condom is a type of contraception that acts as a “barrier” to prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They are made from very thin latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane. They are designed to stop the semen from coming into contact with your sexual partner. There are two types, male and female condoms, which both serve the same protection.

People often bring condoms wherever they go to ensure they’re protected from any sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies brought by unprotected sex.


Can You Bring Condoms on a Flight

Yes, condoms are allowed on planes!

Condoms are considered safe items and can be put in carry-on bags or checked luggage. People often get worried that airport security might confiscate their condoms because of their lube, which is liquid, but it’s not an issue! Lubricated or not, condoms are allowed on the plane.

You can also bring as many condoms as you like, both in carry-on and checked luggage, as long as their weight can carry them.

Things to Remember When Bringing Condoms on a Flight

Like other valuables on your luggage, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you bring a condom on a plane:

Place Them in Your Carry-on Bags

Condoms can be put both in carry-on and in your checked baggage, but they are best stored in your hand luggage. Not only you spared from airport security seeing what’s inside your carry-on, but condoms are also needed to be handled with care.

Condoms can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Once your luggage has been checked in, you already have no control over how it’s handled, including the temperature variations where it’s stored. Since luggage are placed in the lower part of the aircraft, they are more prone to uncontrolled conditions, unlike when they is in a cabin with a fixed temperature. The same applies to storing condoms in a wallet; that’s why it’s not a great idea to keep them in your wallets for extended periods.

Do Not Put Them in Your Pockets

If you have a habit of keeping your condoms in your pockets, do not do them when going on a flight. The foil packaging of condoms can set off a metal detector when passing through them, which might question airport security. It would be best to place them in your hand luggage or checked baggage.

Pack Condoms in Individual Packets

If you need to bring large amounts of condoms, you should take them out of their box. Boxes do not set off alarms at the airport, but some condom-carrying cases might. Airport security might also question these large containers in your luggage, which might lead to further inspection.

What are Similar Items Allowed on a Flight?

pills and condoms

Since we’re on the same topic, you might wonder whether passengers can carry similar items on the plane. Here are some other items allowed during flights:


Yes, you can bring lube on a flight! They are allowed both in your carry-on bag and checked luggage. But since it’s liquid, the 3-1-1 liquids rule of the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) applies to it. If you’re not familiar with it, this is their guideline for liquids:

Liquids like lube must be at most 3.4 oz or 100 ml if you want to put them in your carry-on bag. It would help to place your lube in a clear, plastic, resealable Ziploc bag where your other liquid toiletries are stored.

But if your lube is more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml, you can put it in your checked luggage. Following this storage guideline, you can bring lube on the plane.


Oral contraceptive pills are also allowed on the plane. However, remember that pills contain hormones that might be sensitive to temperature. It would help if you carried them in your hand luggage rather than in a checked bag to keep an eye on them.

Adult Toys

Yes, you can carry adult toys on a plane! There is no need to feel embarrassed about bringing them since adult toys are not embarrassing. However, it’s important to note that adult toys are not allowed in some countries. This includes countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and other countries like Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Malaysia.

So, if you’re planning to go on a honeymoon or solo travel in the mentioned countries, best to leave your adult toys at home, it will spare you from problems in other places! (Read Can You Take Tamales On A Plane)

What are Similar Items Not Allowed on a Flight?

There are no similar items banned on planes. Whether it’s a condom, pills, adult toys, contraceptive rings, contraceptive patches, or spermicides, they are all allowed on the plane.

TSA usually doesn’t allow those that can be used as weapons and flammable materials on flights. Since condoms, lubes, and the like aren’t flammable, you can bring them wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many condoms can I bring on a plane?

As mentioned, there is no limit to how many condoms you can bring. You can carry as many as you want!

Are flavored condoms allowed on a plane?

Yes, flavored condoms are allowed on a plane. The same rule still applies whether flavored or not.

Do condoms count as liquids in hand luggage?

No. Condoms might have lube, but they don’t count as liquids in your hand luggage.

Do condoms set off metal detectors?

No. Condoms don’t set off metal detectors in hand luggage or checked bag. However, they might set off metal detectors in your pockets, so it’s best to store them in your carry-on.

Will the security stop me from bringing condoms?

No. Security won’t stop you from carrying condoms. However, some security personnel might require additional screening if they notice something unusual in your luggage. 

Since security usually does the screening on the spot, but if you feel embarrassed, you can ask them to do a private security screening. This way, other passengers won’t see what’s inside your luggage.

What if my condom got confiscated?

Security doesn’t usually confiscate condoms, but in case this happens, you can still purchase condoms at your destination.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong if you’re carrying condoms even while you travel. At least you’re being responsible wherever place you will go. (Read Can You Bring Picture Frames On A Plane)

While condoms are generally allowed in most airlines, it’s still best to know the rules and regulations when bringing them and similar items you will carry. If you’re still concerned about whether your item will be allowed, reach out to @AskTSA on Twitter, and you’ll surely get the answer immediately!

Can You Bring Condoms On Plane

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