Can You Bring Golf Balls On A Plane

Golf is a hugely popular sport, and keen golfers travel to various states to tackle the best golf course. However, when carrying golf equipment, you can find things get tricky. Not all your gear can be taken as carry-on luggage, such as your gold clubs, yet what about your precious logo balls?

Logo golf balls cost a lot of money yet are easy to get stolen by unscrupulous airline luggage handlers, so carry them with you, along with some other items such as Bluetooth speakers or special divot tools. Golf balls are generally allowed to travel within your carry-on luggage and checked baggage in the US on most airlines.

There is no restriction on the number of balls you can pack in your carry-on or checked luggage, yet you wouldn’t want to go to the extreme of how many golf balls fit in an airplane. The question is, how many golf balls can you carry on a plane?

golf balls

Like anything, there are restrictions, and your luggage will face the airlines’ weight restrictions for checked baggage and carry-on bags for your flight to your destination. In our guide, you can learn more about carrying your golf gear on planes.

By the end, you’ll see what can go through the airport security screening process, what valuable items to keep with you, and what golf gear are classed as dangerous items and prohibited by most major airlines in the cabin of the plane. (Read Can You Bring K Cups On A Plane)

Can You Bring Golf Balls on a Plane?

1. Carry-on Bags vs. Checked Bags

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), you can pack golf balls on a plane are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags. There is no restriction on the number of golf balls you may carry, which is advantageous if you lose a few throughout each round of the golf.

2. Domestic vs. International Flights

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling domestically or internationally. Whether you’re flying domestically or abroad, you may pack golf balls in both your carry-on and checked bags.

This is so because any aviation body does not consider a golf ball harmful. Much of what is considered dangerous would be your golf clubs, hence why you can’t take a golf kit bag as part of your carry-on bags. In addition, a golf bag doesn’t fit inside the size regulations for a carry-on bag and wouldn’t fit in a hand luggage overhead compartment.

3. Various Airlines

Once more, it makes no difference whatever airline you fly with.

You may bring golf balls on all flights, including Southwest, United, American Airlines, and other significant and regional air carriers, in your carry-on and checked bags. As long as your carry-on and checked luggage doesn’t exceed the airline’s weight limits, and there isn’t a restriction on how many golf balls you can bring.

Likewise, you can pack golf tees, golf shoes, and golf divot tools in your travel bag along with your golf balls rather than in a checked golf bag. Such items are not on any prohibited items list and pose no security concerns to the security officer or TSA employees at the airport security checkpoint.

Can I bring Golf Balls On a Plane FAQs

How many golf balls can I carry on a plane?

There are no limits on how many golf balls you can bring on a U.S. airline. However, size and weight constraints limit the number of golf balls in carry-on luggage. Liquid-filled golf balls must be transported with other liquids in a clear resealable bag per the regulation of the liquid in hand luggage.

So many balls can fit in a toiletry bag. Some airlines limit the number of golf balls you can transport in a golf kit or bag to 8 to 15.

Will I need to pay taxes if I buy golf balls overseas and fly back home?

If you buy golf balls overseas that exceed the exemption limit, you must pay taxes (duty). The CBP determines duty-free exemptions based on the value, origin, and purpose of the items.

Each person can import roughly $800 in duty-free products for personal use (other restrictions apply for mailed goods). Flying passengers must declare everything bought overseas, including when they bring golf balls and verify with CBP airport personnel for exemptions to the rules.

Note: Golf balls from broad may be confiscated by customs agents if not declared on international flights. (Read Is Vietnam Dangerous)

Do I need to take out golf balls when going through security?

You can bring golf balls, and they don’t need to be removed for airport security. Only large gadgets, liquids, and powders should be removed from bags at security. You must remove liquid-filled golf balls at security. Even if they’re not liquid-filled, a TSA agent may scrutinize golf balls in carry-on luggage.

What’s the best way to pack golf balls in my luggage?

golf balls in mesh bag

When you know the answer to, can you bring golf balls on a plane, you should pack golf balls in checked baggage inside your golf bag. This way, you don’t have to worry about the airline’s limit for golf balls or them adding weight to your carry-on.

Even if you pack your golf balls in your carry-on, use a mesh bag or pouch bag to prevent rolling. If your golf balls include liquid, pack them with other liquids in a 1-quart clear resealable plastic bag.

Are golf tees also allowed on planes?

U.S. airlines allow golf tees in carry-on and checked bags. Golf tees are permitted through airport security; the final decision rests with TSA agents. When traveling overseas, pack golf tees in checked luggage to avoid difficulties at security.

What are the rules for bringing golf clubs?

On American flights, TSA rules state golf clubs are only permitted in checked baggage. Golf clubs are prohibited by TSA because they are considered dangerous. Club heads can cause severe damage if swung in anger, hence why you keep these for the golf course.

Golfers can check a golf bag or golf gear on most airlines. In addition, golf tees, golf divot tools, golf balls, golf clubs, and even golf shoes can be found in this package. Golf bags are typically handled the same way as other checked luggage.

Only the weight limitations for checked baggage and a securely sealed bag will be requested by airlines. However, several airlines have a restriction of 12 or 14 golf clubs per golf bag. Therefore, before flying, passengers should get in touch with their airlines to find out the policies regarding golf bags.

Can I take a golf ball weed grinder on a plane?

You can take the weed grinder in your carry-on or via your checked baggage along with your other golf balls.

However, while these are permissible, the rules state you can’t travel on a plane while carrying weed. An airline will frown upon you trying to get on a plane with a weed grinder that is packed with marijuana. (Read Can You Bring An Empty Water Bottle On A Plane)

Ensure you clean your weed grinder before you get anywhere near the airport, or you could find airport security checking all your golf gear and golf balls.

Can You Bring Golf Balls On A Plane

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