Can You Bring K Cups On A Plane

Four hundred million cups of coffee are drank daily in the USA alone, with 62% of citizens consuming at least one cup daily. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people who love coffee are interested in learning about taking coffee with them or bringing it home when they travel on international flights.

One of the easiest ways of making coffee, K Cups single-serve coffee pods make things easier, so you may ask if you want the best coffee, K Cups, can they go in your carry-on bags?

Also, can you bring coffee grounds on a plane? Luckily, for both and more, you can you may bring coffee beans, ground coffee, single-serve coffee capsules, and single-serve coffee pods on a plane in your carry-on and checked bags, according to TSA regulations.

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Although, if you wish to bring ground coffee on a plane, there are other things to know, as you can face size or weight restrictions. In our guide, you can learn about how much coffee you can take through airport security into the continental United States. By the end, you’ll learn more about the answer to, can I take coffee pods in hand luggage when traveling internationally? (Read Can I Bring Metal Water Bottle On Plane)

Can You Bring Ground Coffee On A Plane?

Even if there are claims you can bring unlimited amounts of coffee in your carry-on bags or checked baggage, you will only have up to the weight limits, and also, you could face import taxes for overly large quantities.

Here’s a bit more on the types of coffee you can carry:

1. Roasted Coffee Beans

According to the TSA (transportation security administration), carry-on and checked bags can bring coffee beans for planes. There are no restrictions, so you can bring unlimited quantities of coffee beans while remembering the above.

Note: Green coffee beans can be carried into the USA while sticking to the same amounts as your roasted coffee beans, yet you can’t carry green coffee beans to Hawaii or Puerto Rico

2. Ground Coffee

The TSA states that ground coffee can be brought on board a plane in both carry-on and checked bags. Because powdered substances larger than 12 ounces are subject to additional screening at airport security.

It will take longer to pass airport security; keep the amount of ground coffee in your carry-on luggage to containers of 12 ounces or quart sized bag or less. Ensure the resealable bag is too large for the coffee inside, or it may not be allowed in your carry-on bag., and has to go in your checked baggage.

3. Coffee Pods and Capsules

Both carry-on and checked baggage are allowed for bringing coffee pods, and capsules, including those for Keurig coffee makes and Nespresso coffee machines. You may be bringing coffee on a plane as single-serve coffee pods, in any amount, with no restriction until you reach the size of bag for carry-on or the weight of your checked bags.

International vs. Domestic Flights For Coffee On A Plane

When entering the USA, coffee must be declared at U.S. Customs, and it’s possible that you’ll have to do the same when entering other countries. This protects the country’s ecology and agriculture by preventing the importation of goods that could carry illnesses and pests.

It’s a good idea to be cautious and disclose any coffee you plan to bring. You aren’t actually importing anything unlawful; it’s simply coffee. To bring one example, whereas you may bring up to 10 kilograms of coffee into EU countries, you are only permitted to import 1 kilogram of (instant) coffee into Turkey.

Because of the popularity of coffee, the UK is far more forgiving with declaring and importing large volumes of coffee into the country.

Airline Rules For Coffee Lovers

TSA regulations are followed by all airlines. This means that you will have no trouble taking ground coffee, coffee beans, and single-serve coffee pods and capsules in both your carry-on and checked bags. If you follow the quantity limits and packing requirements, you’ll not face many issues from TSA officers.

However, like any food items or other liquids being taken onto a plane, a TSA officer has the final decision if you can bring coffee beans or K Coffee Cups. Most likely, these will pass the security check. However, fresh coffee berries and coffee cherries stand a good chance of being rejected since they are unprocessed and will fail any additional screening as they can contain pests. (Read Safest Places To Travel In Central America)

Can You Bring Starbucks on a Plane?

Depending on when and where you purchased it from the world’s most famous coffee makers, you may or may not bring Starbucks coffee on a plane. For example, you can’t bring Starbucks if you purchase it from the airport terminal coffee shop, and only if you purchase the liquid coffee after passing the gate at airport security can you bring coffee to drink on the plane.

Because of the TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule, which forbids passengers from transporting any liquids in containers greater than 3.4oz/100ml, this is the case; liquid coffee from Starbucks quickly falls outside this.

One thing to note is if any coffee lover has drunk half of their cup, they will have to leave it or drink the rest as the coffee cup will be larger than the TSA rules allow.

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Can You Bring Iced Coffee on a plane with your carry-on luggage?

Again, the time and place of purchase will determine whether you can bring iced coffee on a plane. Because of the TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule, you cannot bring iced coffee through airport security in a container larger than 3.4oz/100ml.

After clearing airport security, you may bring iced coffee onto the plane. Thus, if you like making your own coffee to drink cold, this wouldn’t be able to go in your carry-on luggage.

Can You Bring a Coffee Grinder or Coffee Making Equipment on a Plane?

According to the TSA, you can bring your coffee grinder in your carry-on bag as long as it doesn’t have any removable blades. Pack the blades in your checked luggage rather than your hand luggage to carry them on most airlines if it includes removable blades. 

Can You Bring a Coffee Machine on a Plane?

You must be a serious coffee lover if you want to carry a coffee maker in your hand luggage. Fortunately, the TSA does not place any size restrictions on the packing of coffee makers in either your checked bag or a carry-on bag.

If you have burr mill coffee grinders, you can take these in your carry-on if they don’t have blades. However, like the above, coffee maker or coffee grinders with blades need to be packed in your checked bags away from your coffee machine.

How to Pack Coffee for Air Travel

Checked Luggage

There isn’t much to worry about if you plan to pack coffee in your checked bags aside from protecting your clothing and other belongings. Putting the coffee beans or ground coffee in a tight, sealed bag is advised.

Hand Luggage

Ground coffee should only be packed in carry-on bags in containers that hold 12 ounces or less since powdered anything larger than that will require further screening. There are no particular directions you must adhere to when packing coffee beans in your hand luggage.

Do You Have to Declare Coffee at U.S. Customs?

According to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, an agency that is part of the United States Department of Agriculture.  The type of coffee that you are bringing into the United States as well as the location that you are going to determine whether or not you are required to declare it or bring it in. (Learn How Long Does 3.4 Oz Of Cologne Last)

Roasted Coffee

Roasted coffee is permitted at any point of entry into the United States indefinitely. However, declare the item when you bring coffee, be it in your carry-on bag or checked bag.

Green (Unroasted) Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are unrestrictedly permitted into the continental United States in any quantity. Hawaii and Puerto Rico are off-limits to green coffee beans entering or passing through. The item must be declared upon admission from your hand luggage or checked luggage.

Whole Coffee Berries (aka, coffee cherries)

All U.S. ports of entry forbid the entry of fresh coffee berries, which are the unprocessed, whole coffee fruit with pulp in any form of carry-on, checked luggage, or container. This is because of the pulp’s potential to attract exotic fruit flies.

According to the APHIS, “entry into Hawaii or Puerto Rico is prohibited for coffee seeds or other plant parts intended for planting.”

Can You Bring K Cups On A Plane

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