Can You Bring Salt On A Plane

In general, salts are considered essential. They make great staples for any household. You can add them to any of your dishes to make them taste better or you can use them as a gargle when you have mouth sores or sore throat.

Salts also give a therapeutic experience when added to a warm bath for that calm and relaxing feeling. No matter how you plan to use them, they are beneficial to everyone daily.

Some people have incorporated salts in their daily lives, which includes bringing them on important trips or vacations. If you’re planning to bring salt on your next flight but worried if it’s safe to do so, read on to know the things you should know about carrying them.

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Can You Bring Salt On A Plane

No need to worry if you plan to bring salts on your next trip. As per Transportation Security Administration (TSA), salts are allowed on the plane! All kinds of salts can be brought be it in your carry-on bags or checked bags.

However, it is of note that the final decision still depends on the TSA officer whether an item is allowed once checked. (Learn How Many Miles Is It To Go Around The World)

Salt Products are Usually Brought on Plane

People tend to bring salt products during their flights, whether as a gift or for personal use. Here are some of the most common ones that people carry with them:

Salt Scrubs

Some people use salt scrubs regularly as part of their bathing routines to exfoliate their skin. Instead of going for expensive spas, salt scrubs make great alternatives that you can use pretty much anywhere, even during your trips. Salt scrubs also make great gifts — who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin a scrub provides?

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Epsom Salts

Epsom salt is mainly composed of magnesium, a mineral some people lack in their bodies. During these scenarios, people can’t go on a day without taking Epsom salts.

Some bring Epsom salts with them for their health benefits, while others use them for salt baths after a tiring day. They are especially useful when going on trips that involve long walks and other activities that can be tiring. Just slide into a warm salt bath, and you’ll pretty sure be relaxed and prepared for another long day.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps make an amazing gift for people who suffer from coughs and allergies. They also purify other contaminants in the air to help deodorize the air in your rooms. These salt lamps can be a great addition to their rooms if you also know someone who suffers from insomnia or low energy levels.

Salt Samplers and Collections

Aside from salt scrubs and Himalayan salt lamps, salt samplers also make great gifts for people who love to cook. If they aren’t available in their family, relatives, or friends’ place or town, people carry these as gifts for them when they fly over.

Washing Soda

People tend to bring washing sodas with them when they plan to stay in some areas for quite some time. If you need an easily accessible and cheap laundry detergent, washing sodas are your best bet. Plus, they can also be used as cleaning agents for greasy pots, pans, oven racks, and other kitchenware.

Baking Soda

Like washing soda, baking sodas are great cheap kitchen essentials that provide a wide range of health and beauty benefits. Some people bring baking soda to treat digestive issues, while some use it as natural deodorant and teeth whitener. They can also be an all-around cleaning agent, such as kitchen scrubs, silverware, oven cleaners, and an aid for your dishwashers.

Saline Solutions

Pretty much made of water and salt, this solution is often used for sinus infections and allergies, as well as to cleanse piercings. People who suffer from seasonal allergies bring saline solutions with them if their allergy occurs during their trips. Those who just got new piercings also bring this for regular cleaning to prevent infections.

Since saline solutions are liquid, take note that they should be 3.4 oz or less if you will carry them. You can safely place them in a one-quart-size bag. It can only exceed the 3.4 oz amount if you bring it with you for medical reasons. (Learn How Long Does Jet Fuel Last)

Why People Bring Salt Products

There’s a reason why people bring salt items with them and not just an additional space in their baggage. Here are just some:

For Health Concerns

People who suffer from magnesium deficiencies, allergies, arthritis, constipation, and other illnesses always have their necessary salt products with them at all times. They most especially come in handy during vacations when there’s a possibility that these items won’t be available in a nearby store or pharmacy.

For Relaxation

Who wouldn’t want a luxuriously relaxing experience at a reasonable price? With Epsom salts and salt scrubs, you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of bucks on trips if you feel like your body needs it. Some people opt to bring one with them and use it during vacations for a five-star experience without breaking the bank.

As a Cleaning Agent

Going on trips for long periods means more expenses. Those who want to cut off their spending often bring their items including cleaning agents. Washing sodas and baking sodas are cost-effective salts that effectively clean clothes and any parts of your home. They are also relatively cheaper than detergents and other cleaning agents in the market.

As a Gift

As mentioned, people love going for Himalayan salt lamps, salt scrubs, and salt samplers as gifts. Hence, they needed to be brought on the plane, especially if you are flying over to meet a distant relative or a friend you haven’t seen in years. People who prepare gifts beforehand must carry these items with them.

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Things to Keep in Mind

While salts are generally allowed to be brought, there are still some extra measures you should keep in mind when packing them. To prevent hassles during the inspection, make sure you keep these in mind:

  • TSA considers salts as powder, the same as other kinds of spices. They encourage people to put powder substances in checked bags if they exceed 12 oz. or 350 ml.
  • However, if your salts are under 12 oz. or 350 ml, they can be placed in carry-on luggage.
  • If your salt containers are fragile and need to be put in your carry-on luggage, you need to have it checked by airport security first. They might require you to place it in a separate bin for further screening.
  • Salts over 12 oz. or 350 ml might be inspected thoroughly to ensure they are indeed salt.
  • If the airport security fails to distinguish them as salt, they can decline them during the inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about what you can and you cannot bring, these pieces of information might help:

Can you bring Epsom salt on a plane?

Yes, you can bring Epsom salts. They are allowed in carry-on bags but may require additional screening, such as opening the container.

Can you take bath salts on a plane?

Bath salts aside from Epsom salts are also allowed on the plane. Remember that there is no exemption for medical reasons for this kind of salt.

Can you bring bath salts on a plane?

Yes, all kinds of bath salts can be brought on the plane. The same rule applies as mentioned above.

Can you bring smelling salt on a plane?

Yes, smelling salts can be brought on the plane. You can place them in your carry-on bags.

What will happen to my item if they aren’t allowed on a plane?

If the airport security failed to identify whether the item you have is salt, they have the right to take it. They will dispose of them immediately. Always remember that the final decision lies on TSA authorities at the checkpoint.

Key Takeaway

Salts are a versatile compound. That’s why people always keep them in handy. However, you must consider the risks of bringing them with you on your trips, especially when going on flights. While they are generally allowed, there are some cases that airport security might deny them depending on how much danger an item poses to the passengers. (Read Can I Take Tamales On A Plane)

Keep in mind all the standard requirements for bringing salts, and you’re good to go! If you have further questions if the items you need to carry can be brought on a plane, you can reach out to @AskTSA on Twitter from 8 am-6 pm ET.

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