Can You Bring Sharpies On A Plane

Many people frequently travel, especially if their work requires them. Of course, business trips should all go smoothly, especially if you need to pass through immigration. In this instance, you will need to fill out the immigration form.

Once you have the form in your hand, you will realize the importance of bringing your pens. Even if most things are digital, there will be instances when you need pens. Let’s figure out iget can bring as many pens as possible when you travel.

The need to bring pencils or pens depends on what kind of event you will be attending. Since you need to be ready, ensure you know the activities you will be doing at your destination. It will be easy for your to pack things in your checked baggage.

For example, you could pack pens in checked bags since they are typical household items. But you might wonder if it is allowed to bring pens or sharpies. The common question that everyone asks is, “can you bring pens on a plane?”

pens and pencils

Pens are an everyday item you can find buried in your bag, whether ballpoint pens or colored pencils. TSA agents say that pens are allowed on flights with relatively little restrictions on packing. Depending on their regulations, you may pack as many pens in a carry-on bag or check baggage. (Read Can I Use My Hotspot On A Plane)

Most people think they can’t bring pens on a plane since they can blow up or cause issues with security checkpoints or while onboard. The good news is that pens don’t explode on the plane since liquid ink doesn’t expand at lower pressures. But you better check airport security and international flights to see if they have the same guidelines for bringing pens.

Generally, your pens should be okay, assuming no physical harm is caused by pens exploding. Some containers leak at altitude because they contain air that expands and breaks the seal before the liquid leaks due to gravity. It’s not a problem because the pens aren’t sealed.

Can you carry pens and markers on bags and luggage?

It is hard to compare the difference between pens and pencils with the TSA, but it doesn’t matter to them. You don’t have to worry about your sharpie markers or mechanical pencils because they are guaranteed safe. If you’re worried about having to pull out your pens for individual scans, then don’t because there’s no real problem.

It is easy to pack pens and markers in checked luggage. You should ensure to pack all pens in your carry-on for easy access. Colored pens and pencils are allowed and preferred for travel in a carry-on.

On the other hand, tactical pens are not allowed on planes but may be packed in checked luggage. There are many types of pens that you can bring, but it depends on their contents and where you should put them. Some will require you to pack them in your carry-on or luggage.

TSA rules have the final word if you can bring markers or pencil sharpeners. You will have to check their website to be updated regularly. Since most pens don’t cause harm, you can get the following pens.

Felt-Tip Pens

Professionals who travel frequently should bring felt-tip pens with them. According to the TSA, Felt-tip pens are okay for travel and can be brought with you. Felt-tip pens are suitable for travel in both checked and carry-on bags.


The conclusion is the same as with markers: some professionals must bring highlighters. According to the TSA, highlighters are advised to carry in your carry-on or personal bag. There is no need to take them out of your bag at security because the TSA can scan them inside.

Gel Pens

The TSA advises against storing gel pens in checked luggage and instead carrying them in a safe carry-on bag. Many people enjoy using gel pens for painting and other activities because they are exciting, imaginative, and colorful. Gel pens are secure for travel and do not require any separate inspection. (Read Can You Fly With Co2 Cartridges)

Fountain Pens

fountain pen

The biggest concern when using a fountain pen while flying is ink flowing from the pen due to changes in cabin pressure. Capillary action and gravity are to blame for ink spilling from fountain pens.

It’s acceptable to pack a fountain pen inside your luggage. A fountain pen may be carried as long as the nib points up. If the nib is kept pointing upward, neither gravity nor any other pressures will drive ink from the pen. I suggest emptying your pen or leaving it alone if you cannot do so.

To keep your fountain pen and other belongings secure during the flight, you have three simple options:

  1. Load your pen to the maximum with ink, leaving no room for air.
  2. Remove all of the ink from your pen.
  3. Seal your inked pen in a container.

Can you bring certain pens on a plane?

According to the TSA, there aren’t many exceptions when it comes to taking pens with you. A wide variety of pens can be taken on the plane without extra security. You shouldn’t encounter any issues at the security checkpoint as long as the pens are scanned or checked in carry-on luggage.

It will only matter if it is filled with ink or liquid sharpies, as it will cause a spill. The liquid ink can cause damage to your things. Since these inks take a long time to remove, please don’t take your chances with them.

The kind of pen you bring on a plane matters.

What is the best way to pack pens in your luggage?

You can arrange your pens as you wish when they are in your carry-on. Most people prefer to store their pens upright in their pockets to prevent the ink from dripping from the tip. Although the TSA states that pens can be anywhere in the bag, including the bottom, you should always be able to access your carry-on if necessary. (Read Safest Country In South America Guide)

Make sure your pens are resting horizontally in checked luggage. This will stop any clogs, blocks, or issues with your pens while they are in transit. Fountain pens, rollerballs, and gel pens can all be used while traveling if they are kept horizontal.

Sharpies are often markers and highlighters. Can I bring sharpies on a plane? If we based it on the above rules, you can. You must pack them in your carry-on bags or luggage.

It is fine to bring different pens and markers with you when you travel. However, you must be careful to pack them so as not to break them. In addition to carefully packing pens and Sharpies, you can also travel with them without trouble.

Can You Bring Sharpies On A Plane

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