7 Cheap Things To Do In Bangkok (1 Week Schedule)

There is so much to see and do in the Thai capital, Bangkok. It is hard to decide where to start, let alone if you only have one week to accommodate everything.

If you are on a long journey, you will want to see as much of Bangkok in a day that you can. With historic locations, lively markets, vibrant shopping malls, numerous museums, night shows, and much more, there is never a tiresome moment.

Read on to find cheap things to do in Bangkok in one week. You will discover fun-filled days and what to do in Bangkok at night too.

Chao Phraya River

1 Week in Bangkok Schedule

Day One

On your first day, ease into things while exploring Bangkok with a boat trip up the Thonburi canals and the Chao Phraya River. Many waterways are filled, yet many still cater to Thai life for travel and the floating markets.

Travel this way takes you straight to Wat Arun, known as the Temple of the Dawn. Take lunch and one of the many ferries to visit Wat Pho, the home to the Reclining Buddha. Wander the temple grounds; or relax with a traditional Thai massage.

Take a ferry and free shuttle to Asiatique, the open-air riverside mall, which opens at 5 pm to midnight. With shops, restaurants, and other attractions, and a ride on the Ferris wheel for terrific night views.

Day Two

Start with the Grand Palace to spend the morning in Bangkok’s most significant cultural sites. Experience the Emerald Buddha and architecture.

Visit the Bangkok National Museum to learn about Thailand’s history, culture, and people. Peek at Wat Suthat, although it will be quiet. From here, hop on a tuk-tuk to Wat Saket, a golden pagoda on a man-made hill.

After a full day, experience Khao San Road. It is Bangkok’s renowned backpacker hub, although Khao San isn’t to everyone’s taste, yet it is one of the best places for people-watching.

Lumpini Park

Day Three

For something different on day three, you can take a free walking tour Bangkok offers. There are several to choose from and take different routes.

A popular one starts in Lumpini Park and takes in some of the old city as well as the new city.

Silom Road, Chareon Krung Road are where you can sample some traditional Thai street food.

You then take a quick trip up the Phraya River toward the Khao San Road. Later in the afternoon, you will end up in the Central World Shopping Center or Siam Paragon if you wish.

While many are free, they do encourage donations to the guides.

Day Four

With another quick trip up the Chao Phraya, you can hop off at one of the piers to spend the best part of the day roaming around the Grand Palace. It is a great place to experience all the history in one sitting.

There are plenty of things to see from all different eras, as the complex was in use for many diverse activities over the years.

It is worth going early so you can avoid the heat, and make sure you dress accordingly. To escape some of the afternoon heat, you can take in some of the local temples that sit close by, Wat Traimit or the temple of the Golden Buddha and Wat Phra Chetuphon being good examples.

Jim Thompson House

Day Five

For a day that combines some things that are very different, you can check out the Jim Thompson House. It is open daily for public access. After a quick spell here, you can check out the local Erawan Shrine, which sits opposite Central World, and is home to the Hindu god Brahma.

If you are looking for a night excursions, there are some Night Bike Tours you can take once the traffic dies down. They may take you around sites already visited, yet at night, they take on an eerie existence.

Day Six

If you make day six a Sunday, you can double up on things to do. While you can visit the Chatuchak weekend market, it is also possible to divide your time and watch some authentic Muay Thai in the Channel 7 stadium.

The Chatuchak market is one of the largest in the world and comprises over 8,000 stalls. It does mean a short trip outside the city, yet the weekend market delivers a shopping experience like no other.

Thip Samai Pad Thai

Day Seven

If you are ready to leave, it may be time to check out any of the rooftop bars that adorn the city. Throw in some real Thai food, and as such, the Thip Samai Pad Thai is rumored to be the best in the city.

Countless bars are awaiting your visit, and all offer some great views across the city you spent the week exploring at lightning speed.

Many do have a dress code, so you may need to avoid packing away all your gear before you venture to the roof decks for one last look across Bangkok.

Once you are planning your weeklong visit to Bangkok, you will see there are plenty of travel tips around to get the most from your visit.

All the above can be adapted, and it is only the market on the weekend that has fixed days for admission.

You can explore at your leisure, and make a full day of every place to visit. Your itinerary is yours for the making, and you will find all the above will cost you next to nothing to experience.

Bangkok is a cheap place to visit, so no matter how many family members tag along, your weekly budget won’t be blown, and you will see all there is to do in Bangkok.

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7 Cheap Things To Do In Bangkok (1 Week Schedule)

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