Is A Fanny Pack Considered A Carry On

What kind of bag to bring is one of the essential items to consider while packing for a flight. Travelers are increasingly choosing smaller, more portable bags like fanny packs than regular luggage, even if it is always an option.

These versatile additions provide many advantages, such as better security, hands-free comfort, and a more streamlined appearance. But can you wear a fanny pack on a plane? Yes, it is the answer. You may maximize the use of your fanny pack on your upcoming flight by following a few easy travel tips and tactics.

In our guide, you can learn more about wearing a fanny pack while carrying two acceptable pieces of carry-on baggage. By the end, you’ll see wearing a fanny pack isn’t an issue inside the main compartment of most major airlines as the maximum dimensions are well below those of a small suitcase you’d put in the overhead bins. (Read Can You Buy Flowers At The Airport)

What Is A Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack is a small bag often worn around the waist and rests on the lower back (known as a bum bag in the UK) to save space in carry-ons for personal belongings. Thanks to its versatile design, the bag can be worn on the front or back. Be warned that while fanny packs are frequently associated with tourists and travelers, potential criminals may target any personal belonging or cash you have, so keep fanny packs safe.

They are versatile and work for a wide range of activities. Because of how simple it is to keep hands free for reading a map or trekking poles, they are incredibly well-liked by hikers and other outdoor people. A slightly larger bag is sometimes referred to as a “money belt” and is frequently confused with fanny packs or bum bags.

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Can You Wear Your Fanny Pack Through Airport Security?

Although tempting, you should resist the urge to wear your fanny pack through airport security. Before passing through, you must remove anything from your fanny pack, including any liquids (such as a small bottle of body spray or perfume), and put it in your quart-size liquids bag as you would with other carry-on bags.

The metal detector will also be activated if any metal items inside, such as car keys or another key fob, could trigger the metal detector. It might be advisable to remove the bum bag and put it in a separate security bin or within your carry-on bag so that it passes through the x-ray machine during screening.

The best place to keep fanny packs secure through airport security is in your carry-on bag if they include precious items like jewelry or even crucial documents like your passport. (Read Can I Bring A Lamp On A Plane)

Points to Remember

A fanny pack is regarded as a personal item by most airlines.

If they see it on you, the gate agents may request that you put your fanny pack in your carry-on bag. Make sure your fanny pack can fit inside your carry-on bag or another personal item if you are asked to combine your personal items.

Different airlines have varying degrees of stipulation about hand baggage. Passengers are typically permitted to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item while traveling on legacy airlines like American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and United. The personal item is smaller than the carry-on since these bags are different sizes.

Low-cost airlines like Spirit and Frontier only allow one personal item and don’t offer a free carry-on bag.

Airlines, Fanny Packs, and Carry On Luggage

So, using this information, is your fanny pack seen as a personal item? And can you wear a fanny pack on a plane without wasting carry-on luggage allowances? According to common sense, a fanny pack should function similarly to a large jacket pocket.

What makes a fanny pack different from pockets that don’t count as luggage?

Common sense doesn’t always hold, as you’ll see. Nevertheless, most flights of the airline you are flying with will count whether a fanny pack qualifies as a personal item.

At airport security, a fanny pack won’t cause any problems. Each airline has a separate set of policies, and airline gate personnel check hand luggage compliance.

1. Alaska Airlines:

The flight attendant may ask you to stow your fanny pack under your seat even after boarding the plane. In their eyes, there is no difference between a purse and a bum bag.

2. American Airlines

Staff may ask you to put your fanny pack in your carry-on when boarding in case of bad weather.

3. Delta Airlines

A Delta airlines gate agent may consider your fanny pack a personal item and ask it to be put in a backpack before boarding. Remember this on your next trip in case you have no carry-on. It will need to be in your checked bags for air travel.

4. Frontier

A fanny pack counts as a personal item, and you are only allowed to bring one personal item, claims Frontier. You can’t bring a fanny pack and one personal item because of the maximum dimensions of the two items. Keep passports and other items in your pockets. (Read Airplane Seat Weight Limit)

5. Southwest

Just what this airline thinks? A fanny pack can be considered a third carry-on bag, so you’ll need to stash it in zipper pockets on your other checked luggage.

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6. United Airlines

United Airlines may be an exception and could let you wear a fanny pack besides bringing carry-on luggage and a personal item.

Should You Wear A Fanny Pack On A Plane?

Most US airlines classify a fanny pack as a personal item. Rules vary between different airlines, and they also apply different rules.

You should remember that low-cost airlines like Spirit and Frontier make most of their income from additional fees for checked baggage. These airlines are more likely to enforce their fanny pack policies since they are considerably stricter about inspecting hand luggage.

Because legacy airlines don’t profit from fees for carry-on luggage, they are less motivated to enforce laws against people wearing fanny packs. It’s less noticeable if a fanny pack is worn below clothing. Since most fanny packs and waist packs are small, they might not be seen if you are wearing a jacket.

However, if you are asked to pack your fanny pack, you must ensure you have a small pocket in your carry-on bag. Since you pack your valuables and essential items, like a water bottle, money, a cell phone, passport, and boarding pass, in your fanny pack, you need to be wary.

One gate agent may request that you place your fanny pack inside your carry-on bag. A second gate agent may inform you that there is no room in the overhead bin and that your carry-on bag must be stowed as checked luggage.



So, Can You Wear A Fanny Pack On A Plane?

No rules forbid wearing a fanny pack while flying aboard a plane.

Wearing it makes sense in that scenario because it would effectively give you an additional “carry-on” allowance with some airlines (such as Delta), who will not count it as a personal item if you do.

You should verify with your airline before wearing it, and bring a carry-on bag and one personal item. The class of the ticket can also make a difference. Business class is a little more lenient on the carry-on baggage allowance.

Do fanny packs count as a carry-on?

Although most airlines do not consider fanny packs carry-on bags, they frequently count toward your one personal item allowance. In this situation, you are only permitted to take one carry-on bag; you cannot bring additional items such as a small backpack, purse, large wallet, duffle bag, or laptop bag. Of course, verify with your airline before you can take it, a carry-on bag and a one-personal item limit.

If you additionally had one carry-on bag and a purse as personal items, it would make an exceptionally attentive and selective gate agent notice you wear a fanny pack and raise an objection. (Read Can I Pack Frozen Food In My Checked Luggage)

Does a fanny pack count as a personal item?

Here you can see how many airlines differ in their view of a fanny pack and other items. One bag is the allowance, so wearing a fanny pack can mean you’re over the allowance.

However, it’s not like it’s as large as a backpack.

Does a fanny pack count as a personal item United Airlines

United Airlines consider a fanny pack a personal item.

Does a fanny pack count as a personal item Delta?

A fanny pack is not regarded as a personal item by Delta Airlines even if you wear it the entire flight:

Tips for traveling with a fanny pack

If you’ve decided to bring a fanny pack on a plane trip, you can take a few steps to ensure that it goes through security without a hitch and doesn’t interfere with your flight. Fanny packs come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, so the first thing you should do is find out what size is permitted on your flight if the bum bag will be used in addition to a carry-on bag as part of your personal items.

Most airlines will let you wear one, while others will say to pack your fanny pack inside your backpack or bag in the overhead bins.

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