Is Vaseline Considered A Liquid When Flying

Is Vaseline a liquid TSA? Is Vaseline allowed on planes? Can you bring Vaseline on a plane? The answer to these commonly searched questions is yes. 

Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, is allowed on airplanes and is technically considered a liquid. Transportation Security Administration’s restrictions on liquid items in the carry-on bag will have to be followed by flying passengers if they want to bring Vaseline on a plane. 

Bringing Vaseline In Travel

Aside from if can you bring Vaseline on a plane, a common question asked is how much Vaseline can one bring? Regarding packing, there is no limit to how much Vaseline on a plane can be brought in a carry-on bag or checked bag, as long as it is within the weight limit that the airline sets for the passenger. 

Following the general TSA rules, you may bring a quart-sized (3.4 oz) bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in passenger’s carry-on luggage. This means you can pack Vaseline classed as a liquid in 3.4 ounces or quart-size bag, just as long as they are packed in travel size containers.  (Read Can You Take Pomade On A Plane)

petroleum jelly

The best thing when you bring Vaseline is that it comes in various sizes, some of which are travel-size containers, and passes the TSA rule or liquids and gels restrictions (within 3.4 ounces). Some of them come at only 1.75 oz and squeezable containers of 2.5 oz and 2.89 oz. As explained, these travel-size small containers will be allowed by TSA agents so you can bring Vaseline on a plane. 

Again, to bring Vaseline on a plane, you should pack it in travel-size plastic containers or liquids bags, which are at most 3.4 oz or 100 ml. Just like other toiletries, the liquids rule applies to Vaseline, and must be ensured that you pack Vaseline gel in a 3.4 oz container or liquids bag when undergoing a security checkpoint. 

But, if you will need to bring more Vaseline, it also comes in a large container of 3.75 ounces, 7.5 oz, and the largest which is 13 oz, which may be brought along in your travel via in checked luggage. Passengers have to remember that the size of containers is being regulated and not the amount of liquid in the container. This means it does not matter if your container or liquid bag is already half-empty upon checking. 

How To Pack Vaseline In Flights?

If carrying Vaseline, you will have to keep it in a tightly sealed small container. While Vaseline is almost unlikely to spill in your carry-on bags, it is best to prevent Vaseline from spilling or opening and getting onto any of your other belongings in the carry-on luggage. Most travelers do not have to worry about their Vaseline container since it is usually packed in a sealed plastic container when bought from stores. 

For assurance, you should have an extra layer of protection by putting the tightly sealed container in a separate bin of a zipped bag or clear plastic bag to protect the rest of your belongings from the Vaseline just in case it spills. 

Why Bring A Vaseline In Travel

moist lips and skin

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a travel must for any plane passenger for it allows your skin and lips moist, making it hydrated for your long trips. It prevents dry skin. As we all know, traveling in planes is known for making passengers have dry skin. 

So, if you already know that it is going to be a very extensive flight, it is greatly advised that you use Vaseline before, during, and after the flight to ensure supple skin and moist lips.

If a traveler is also suffering from blisters, Vaseline is also a greatly recommended way to soothe the pain. If your travel includes a long walkathon, which is greatly gruesome for the body, the individual may end up with blisters on their feet (or any other injuries on this matter) making it very uncomfortable to walk and travel any further. Having Vaseline in small containers of 3.4 ounces is very convenient for these likely situations to ease and soothe the pain from blisters and other small injuries during the long trip. 

And also, one of the famous hacks is that Vaseline gel can also be used as a makeup remover. If one normally packs a lot of products for removing makeup from your face, using Vaseline as a makeup remover can save you space for other travel-size toiletries or other liquids that you may use during your flight or travel. In addition to that, using Vaseline gel versus conventional, single-use makeup removers like wipes or cotton balls is a lot better for the environment. (Read Do Hotels Reuse Key Cards)

Can you bring Vaseline on a plane for medical condition? Vaseline is also known to treat some medical conditions and in fact, is marketed as a “healing jelly”. Although Vaseline is known for its multitude of uses like skin care, makeup remover, or soothing cream, Vaseline is still also known in the market as a medical product. The TSA states that medically necessary liquid are exempt from the general 3-1-1 rule on liquid restrictions for traveler’s carrying liquid in their carry-on bag. 

Now the question stands if Vaseline Healing Jelly can be brought in hand luggage as a medically necessary liquid in larger containers for medical purposes and treating a medical condition. The Transportation Security Administration said an excess in the general 3-1-1 rule or quart-sized bag can be brought when necessary. To ensure that you can bring more Vaseline or petroleum jelly for medical purposes, the traveler must notify the TSA officers that you will bring these items when you reach the airport security. 

You should also note that you do not need a doctor’s note prescribing the petroleum jelly will not be required to justify the excess amount of Vaseline in your carry-on bags or checked baggage at an airport checkpoint. The TSA agents will inspect these items and liquids in your carry-on and checked baggage separately and let you pass once cleared. 

Yes, Vaseline Can be Brought When Flying

Again, can you bring Vaseline on a plane? Is Vaseline a liquid TSA? Yes, travelers can bring Vaseline as a liquid in their carry-on bags or hand baggage following the TSA rule, which limits the package of petroleum jelly or Vaseline in a travel-size liquids bag or quart-sized bag (3.4 ounces) or under. Since Vaseline is treated as a liquid, it must be packed in a tightly 3.4 oz sealed container in a zipped bag or separate bin to prevent spilling in your checked bags. There are no restrictions to the size you may bring, and you can pack more giant tubs of Vaseline in checked bags or carry-on.  (Read Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane Jetblue)

If the petroleum jelly/Vaseline, to be specific, is classified as a medically necessary liquid, you could bring a larger tub in your checked bag. Medically necessary petroleum jelly, specifically Vaseline, should be permitted after screening by a TSA officer.

Is Vaseline Considered A Liquid When Flying

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