What the Safest Countries in Central America for Travel

Over the years, Central American countries have had a bad rap for being dangerous for travelers.

However, things change, and if you check out the global peace index, you can find many countries in Central America rank higher than some places in the USA.

Some of the issues come from individuals thinking anything south of the border is South American.


If you encompass all this, your list of safest countries in South America would be very different. As would the places to visit in South America be because the landmass is much more than the narrow strip of land joining the two.

If you think about heading further south, then you are thinking more of Brazil, the biggest country in South America.

You will also find the best cities in South America much larger, and you need to travel much further to see the sights such as Machu Picchu.

However, in the smaller portion of Latin America, you can see the same attractions in a fraction of the area.

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Therefore, here we have the top five safest Central Latin American countries list you can visit.

Where is Central America?

The area we are talking about is part of North America, although not a part of the United States. The overall size is about the size of Texas that lays south of Mexico and reaches the tip of Colombia.

You find water on both sides, such as the Caribbean Sea and on the other, the Pacific Ocean.

What Countries Should Americans Avoid?

With only seven countries in the central part making up this part of the continent, it can be hard to say which countries Americans ought to avoid.

On the list, we have the top five, and two remainings are Guatemala and Belize, though this doesn’t mean they are out and out places to stay away from visiting.

Each country has its own set of travel warnings, and you need to stick to these, no matter which country you visit.

Safest Countries to Visit in Central America

Here are the top countries to visit in this part of the world. Our lists don’t run in any order of the safest countries.


Panama is climbing on the list of safest places to visit, and for this reason, Panama has become an emerging tourist destination for anyone seeking relaxation and adventure.

Panama offers a perfect combination of travel and vacation packed with tropical beaches, incredible wildlife in its national parks, a wealth of history, and the world-famous Panama Canal.

Apart from that, the hustle and bustle in Panama City is a must-see.

Because safety is not such a high priority, you can enjoy a holiday in Panama freely and without restrictions in terms of fun and relaxation.

Costa Rica

They consistently rate Costa Rica as the safest country in the region, which is excellent for those looking for a tropical paradise to escape.

Dozens of pristine beaches around Jaco, tropical climates, hiking trails leading to volcanoes, and pools are teeming with waterfalls. The country is a piece of heaven on earth.

Stealing is the main crime against tourists. Therefore, as long as you hide your belongings, you can relax in paradise, even when the USA issues warnings for travelers.

The capital of San Jose is a great travel hub, yet it doesn’t offer too many activities. Pick any National Park, and you can try zip lining or explore the National Wildlife Refuge.



Ranked as the third safest country in this part of the world. Nicaragua is a beautiful and safe country to visit under a few well thought out considerations.

Nicaragua is full of breathtaking landscapes, many surf beaches like in San Juan del Sur (watch out for pickpockets), and volcanic rock formations.

If you are into colonial architecture, you will find many opportunities to take pictures.

The country has experienced some political unrest, but when you travel with caution and follow some set-out travel tips, it offers a great destination. However, solo trips are probably not recommended.


In this part of the world, Honduras is the second-largest Latin American country. It delivers lots of natural beauty, colonial villages and is steeped in rich history.

You can take in many Mayan ruins, parks stuffed full of exotic wildlife, and two coastlines such as the Pacific and Caribbean.

World-class diving and snorkeling can be found around the Bay Islands as well as seeing the coral reefs. There is much to explore and many places where you can relax.

One of the most significant risks is in the major cities where two-person teams on scooters snatch bags from unsuspecting travelers.

El Salvador

El Salvador

The final offering in the safest and best countries is El Salvador. It does come with a checkered past and saw one of the worst ever civil wars in history.

In some areas, there are gangs, yet these are not often areas traveled by visitors. You can see such a diverse landscape in the smallest of all countries on the list.

You can see towering volcanoes, secluded beaches, and thick forests to trek around and explore. Visiting the capital of San Salvador, you see a stark contrast, and the city is very cosmopolitan.

It is out and about you see a country that has paused in time. Particularly if you venture to the Montecristo Cloud Forest and secluded coconut islands in La Isla de Méndez. The sleepy town of Suchitoto makes for a great relaxing day out.


This region is jam-packed with places to visit that offer a wide range of sights and experiences. If you plan, you can easily find out the best areas and the regions to avoid.

While other parts of the world offer their own distinct experience if you wish to see more of this kind of local history before taking on the best of what you can find in the southern hemisphere.

The central area here makes a trip accessible and much easier to plan overall. Just be sure to keep on top of your travel insurance, and you are good to go.

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What the Safest Countries in Central America for Travel

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