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Even though almost 20 million visitors visit Thailand each year, there is still plenty of Thailand points of interest for everyone to explore without being overrun.

Thailand is to top destination for Southeast Asian travel.

There are many areas, which cater to these visitors, yet there are many more areas, which are barely touched and still possess the unique natural charm of the old country.

Thailand tourism is just one factor that goes into developing this Southeast Asian country. This means there is plenty of exploration for family visitors.

In This Guide


1. Bangkok

This is a city they cram with markets and busy streets that are lined with street food carts.

However, once you scratch under the surface, there are many things to do in Bangkok that can take you away from all the tourist attractions.

One place every visitor needs to go is the Grand Palace, it comprises several buildings, and it is home to the unique Emerald Buddha.

This dates back to the fourteenth century, and it shows the amount of history and culture which remains.

December to February may be the coolest time to visit Thailand, but from late May to October, it is the run-up to the rainy season. This makes it one of the cheapest times to visit Bangkok.

There are countless things for kids to enjoy around the city, there are zoos, and a shopping excursion around Chatuchak Market will be like nothing ever experienced.

The Siam Ocean World or a spot of Muay Thai for the kid’s that are old enough to watch

If that isn’t tempting enough, you can take on a very rare trip to somewhere most travel guides won’t have.

You can scale the 49-story building they never completed. Like an ancient relic, it stands in a state of decay, but after paying the security guards, you can head to the top of the closest thing to a post-apocalyptic building.

2. Phuket

Thailand travel mainly heads in this direction, and it is easy to see why. With a white sand beach in almost every direction, it is a beach lover’s paradise. Nevertheless, there is much more than this going on.

Keeping kid’s entertained easily because you’ll never be stuck for what to do in Phuket.

Because beaches and islands play such a huge part of Thailand attractions, there are two that stand out. James Bond Island is located in Phang Nga Bay and is one of the most beautiful areas you can ever wish to see.

After this, there is no other beach that was popularized so much by Leonardo Di Caprio. Phi Phi Island can be reached by boat, and as you approach, the all familiar cliffs rise like a stone fortress.

If you have enough of all the watersports in the area, then you can head inland to treat the kids to something very thrilling.

Situated outside Phuket town, you can zip along the 15 zip lines and walk across the two sky bridges.

Rising 40 meters, this is one of those Thailand attractions kids will never forget. After this, there is the FantaSea show, the Big Buddha, who sits atop the Nakkered Hills, the Tiger Kingdom to see and get snaps taken with tigers or a visit to one of the many elephant sanctuaries.

For the older kids, namely adults. An evening in Thailand will never be the same without visiting Pattaya and taking a stroll down the famous ‘Walking Street.’

With plenty of colorful locals standing around. It can be a real eye-opener of the other side of Thai life.

Phuket is one of the top Thailand destinations, and with good reason.

3. Kanchanaburi

Nestled in the countryside is the Kanchanaburi region. While a distance away from the beaches, there are still plenty of Kanchanaburi attractions for all the family to enjoy.

It may appear sleepy, but this area has some of the best Thailand tourist attractions. Visitors come from all over who want to get away from the craziness of Bangkok.

The region has been glamorized in movies for its strong links to the Vietnam War, and these are worthy of anyone’s visit to get a picture of what went on in those horrible times.

No one will ever forget a trip along the death railway, and for kids who are tagging along, they will learn a stark history lesson that many other children may never know.

With the Bridge over the River Kwai and itself the star of a 1957 movie, visitors can relive a part of history for two reasons.

There are more sanctuaries, and none is more famous than Elephant World, where kids can help feed the majestic animals.

Further, into nature, kids can marvel at the seven-tiered waterfalls in the Erawan National Park and the countless pools that are scattered around to cool off or let the fish nibble at your toes.

Without overloading children with the effects of war, one last place you can visit is the trail down Hellfire Pass.

Although there were over 100,000 killed in its making, there are no signs of their struggles apart from the vast amounts of rocks cut from the mountain.

For something different, there are the nine caverns in Wat Tham Khao Poon. The Buddhist temple is full of relics from Buddhist and Hindu shrines. The natural caves are well lit and deliver a cooling and calm feeling over any visitor.
Chiang Mai

4. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the ‘Rose of the North’ and is a fair trek from the areas with all the sand and the sea. What it lacks in beaches, it makes up for in architecture.

The beginnings began over seven centuries ago and are home to over 300 temples. The weather in the area is more bearable, so visitors can spend longer sightseeing than being bogged down with a sticky mess.

One of the top things to do in Thailand in this region is to visit the Doi Suthep temple. Over 5400 meters in the mountains, you can find the Wat Phra temple from the thirteenth century. From here, you have uncluttered views of the city.

Chiang Mai tourism shows visitors how to find relaxation and inner peace. You can receive a massage from any of the women prisoners, or you can chat with a monk.

While not the most exciting thing for kids, it can be time for parents to grab some peace and quiet.

To make sure kids are not left out, there is the Night Safari. Here a zoo opens the gates late where kids can take a trip around the predator prowl zone and the Savanna Safari Zone.

With a tip that covers 5km, there are plenty of animals for them to see from the open-sided tram.

Night markets are well known, and the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is no different. You can walk a couple of blocks in each direction and head toward the river to pick up some authentic Thai food before making your way back.

In mid-April, there is the Songkran Festival. This is mild when you compare it to the now famous Full-Moon-Party that takes place on the small island of Koh Phangan. This small-town festival means you can become soaked with water.

The local thing dousing everyone in water cleanses away the sins. If nothing else, this can help you feel cooler if the weather on the warmer side.

5. Krabi

When you visit Krabi, you are venturing to what is becoming one of the most popular tourists destinations.

Krabi Town is a small market town that has a central river as its main focal point. While many tourists use Krabi as a starting point, there are still lots of things to do around the region.

You can venture into the Ao Luk Caves and mangroves, so the kids will be entertained while you dart around on a boat trip.

Kayak trips are essential because these put you right in the middle of nature. You can explore caves on a one-to-one basis.

If you want something different, then you can see one of a kind floating village which has its football (soccer) team.

Krabi’s tourist center is based in Ao Nang that is 20 minutes outside of town. This is relaxed and gives the feeling of a beach resort.

In much, the same way as visiting Hua Hin offers, but this is way down and halfway to southern Thailand.

When you take in all the above, this is nowhere near the top things to do in Thailand; there are so many depending on which regain you are in. You can spend a couple of weeks in one area, and you still have much more to explore.

Heading out of Bangkok, there is the Khao Yao National park, which is one of the top things to do in Thailand. This offers biking, hiking waterfalls, and much more besides.

Thailand has so much to offer in every location. From nature lovers, adventurous types, explorers, or the ones who seek out the world’s best golf courses. No family will not find anything to keep them occupied when visiting Thailand.

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