10 Best Things to Do in Krabi Thailand

The entire region around Krabi is becoming a very popular tourist destination, but when you compare Krabi vs. Phuket, it is far more relaxing while still having more than enough to do for all the family.

When looking where to stay in Krabi, most of the hotels are decent quality and rank highly in customer reviews.

Because the area is pretty large, it depends where you have your hotel, to how you need to travel to some of the best tourist locations. Krabi covers a large area so it might mean stopping in two locations than having one base.

In This Guide

Although the best times to visit Krabi are between November and April, there is enough to keep anyone occupied all year round.

Here are ten of the best things you can do for all the family in one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

Top Ten Places to Visit in Krabi Thailand

Railay Beach Krabi1. Caves and Beaches in Railay

Railay Beach can only be accessed by boat, but what makes this unique is that it is part of the mainland. It is actually four beaches in total, but as a whole, they are said to be the best beach in Krabi.

There is plenty of white sands, views that will take your breath away, and steep cliffs that rise up everywhere.

There is also the chance to try your hand at rock climbing which can fill up half a day of your trip. This can be a good exercise for children who are aged 5 upward.

Emerald Pool Krabi2. The Emerald Pool

Krabi is well known for outstanding beauty, and one place that is totally unique is nestled inside the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park.

What makes this unusual is the lowland forest that is filled with nature trails, but the thing that makes it really stand out is the Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot).

Here the entire family can spot rare animals and plants, and one of the most extraordinary being the Pitta Gurney bird that was at one stage considered extinct.

Along the almost 3km trail is a waterfall to explore, and what can give a refreshing couple of minutes, but it is the warm, and crystal clear waters of the Emerald Pool that most people want to see.

Wat Tham Sua Krabi3. Wat Tham Sua or ‘Tiger Cave’

If you fancy a trip that is closer to Krabi Town, Thailand, then visiting the Tiger Cave can fit the bill nicely as one of the most interesting short day trips. It is only a short 5km trip from Krabi, and it delivers one of Thailand’s most famous natural wonders.

The temple is made up from a number of caves carved out of the limestone that sits at the bottom of a cliff.

The most remarkable part is the Footprint of the Buddha. You will need plenty of water, and if you have really young children, it might take a stop or two to climb the 1237 steps to the top of the limestone tower.

At the top, you have a full 360-degree panoramic view, and the chance to see plenty of playful monkeys.

But be careful with any jewelry or loose items, because they might be tempted to grab them. You can purchase some bananas at the bottom that should keep them occupied.

Phi Phi Islands Krabi4. Phi Phi Islands

Krabi to Koh Phi Phi islands takes around 45 minutes in a speedboat whereas there is a more sedate 90-minute ferry ride. The first option will be quickest, and for younger children, it will offer more excitement.

The beaches on Phi Phi island deliver some of the best tropical getaways you could ever dream of. There are clear waters, stunning rock formations and the golden white sand you come to expect in this region.

All in, there are 6 islands grouped together with the main one being Phi Phi Don, and which attracts the most visitors.

Just around the corner and more sedate is where ‘The Beach’ was filmed with Leonardo Di Caprio.
There are plenty of places to stay in this area, but you can miss out on so much more back on the mainland.

Klong Thom Hot Springs Krabi5. Klong Thom Hot Springs

Rather than hitting a spa for a traditional Thai massage, you can take the entire family to the Klong Thom hot springs. Although it is 70km outside of Krabi, it is a great place to visit because it isn’t often you get the chance to sit in naturally carved bathtubs full of hot steaming water and surrounded by jungle.

The therapeutic and soothing waters run from the natural tubs and fall into a cool stream that is great for plunging into.

Jump back into the pools, and they are said to cure all sorts of ailments including sciatica and rheumatism.

Even if this isn’t correct, they do feel good. The Klong Thom hot springs are located in the same nature reserve as the Emerald Pool so you can combine the two for a full day of aquatic adventure.

Krabi Town6. Krabi Town

Being a Thai market town, you are guaranteed a night market and rest assured from Friday to Sunday, that is precisely what you get.

Although there is a lot of tourism in the town, the locals are still laid back and don’t fret too much with all the foreigners who are milling around and doing some affordable shopping in Krabi.

Like a lot of Thai towns, the river is the central focal point and have lots of river taxis, fishing boats which are taking all mane r of people as far as the pier on the west town side or farther afield.

Many tourists only use Krabi as a passing point and leave as fast as they arrive, but the place does off a unique charm for people who hang around.

Ao Luk Mangrove Forest Krabi7. Ao Luk Mangrove Forest and Caves

If you are heading toward Phang Nga Town, then you will pass Ao Luk mangrove forest. This area is great for a field exploration with the kids and is an untouched rural area that is home to two parks.

Khao Phanom Bencha, and Than Bok Khorani. Here there are limestone cliffs that dot the landscape. It is about 40km further on passed the Phra Nang Cave Beach, so it is accessible if you are staying in that region.

When you get to the close Krabi beach, you can take one of the many kayak rentals and explore the mangrove forest or the limestone caves.

Exploration is the order of the day which is great to keep children occupied.

Wat Kaew Temple Krabi8. Wat Kaew Temple

This elegant temple sits in the middle of Krabi town, and although not the largest, it is adorned with some beautiful decorations inside.

These depict lives of the Buddhists and lead to the far end of the temple where there sits a golden Buddha.

Outside there is plenty of action from the street vendors and traditional Thai street food you can sample before heading off to see some other sights.

Floating Village Krabi9. Floating Village

One place to visit when in Krabi is the floating Muslim village. It is one of the very few attractions that aren’t close to a Krabi beach, but it is surrounded by water.

It sits a little over 50km from Krabi and makes a great half a day trip because it is so very different to anything else you will ever see. The villagers earn their living from fishing and the visitors who buy their slightly overpriced wares.

Not only is the village on stilts, but it comes with a real mosque, and it also has a soccer pitch. If this wasn’t surprising enough, the Koh Panyi youth soccer team is one of the best in the country.

It is one very unique way to see how other cultures live, and it is a shame to miss out on this village which is nestled at the foot of a vast limestone cliff.

Krabi Island beach party10. Party on the Beach

If the adults are looking for some Krabi nightlife, then rather than sticking around the clubs that are full of friendly local girls, there is always the Nang Beach where you can visit the many bars and restaurants.

The beach itself isn’t the most glamorous, but it is at night when this Krabi Island beach comes alive. You can expect to find lots of local delicacies and also plenty of food and drinks which will cater for any tourist.

One thing about this area, it has plenty of booking agents for tours so you can snag a bargain on your other adventures while you are visiting Krabi.

Krabi compared to a lot of areas of Thailand is tranquil, but it more than makes up for that for the number of things and places tourists can see. Nothing is condensed, and it isn’t overly commercialized.

With all there is to offer, tourists can get to see Thailand as it was, and not what as it has become. It is very easy to see why Krabi is climbing up the Thailand tourist ladder of best places to visit.

10 Best Things to Do in Krabi Thailand