10 Best Things to Do in Nha Trang Vietnam

If you want to get away from city attractions and show the natural side of Vietnam to the rest of the family, then Nha Trang offers up more than enough to keep everyone content.

There are beaches that are sandy and stretch for miles, untouched mountains that are full of waterfalls where all the family can cool off, to a rich history.

Nha Trang is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in Vietnam, so before it gets too popular, here are some of the best Nha Trang things to do.

What is good about this area, is that almost everything is close in relation to each other. This allows visitors to get around by foot, bike or motorcycle.

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Top Ten Places to Visit in Nha Trang

Po Nagar Cham Towers Nha Trang Vietnam1. See the Po Nagar Cham Towers

The Po Nagar Cham Towers date back to the 11th and 8th centuries. It was the Cham people who were ruling the central plains and were well-known for their skills in sculpture and architecture, as can be seen in the towers.

Nagar Cham Towers are only a short drive out into the wilderness from downtown Nha Trang, and it isn’t long before the red brick structures rise up to the height of 25 meters.

At the center of the Po, Nagar complex is a tower that honors Cri Cambhu who is the Goddess of fertility.

Long Son Pagoda Nha Trang Vietnam2. Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda boasts beautiful and unique turn-of-the-century Taoist architecture which is remarkable as it was destroyed by a cyclone in 1990 and was rebuilt entirely on a new site that is a little lower down the hill.

Long Son is situated in the foothills of Trai Thuy Mountain and is famous for the huge white Buddha statue that sits on the crest of the mountain and can be seen from almost everywhere.

This Buddhist temple is one of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia to see how the locals rebuilt a real part of their history. Chua long son stands out as one of the main sites around the city.

Nha Trang Vinpearl Amusement Park3. Nha Trang Vinpearl Amusement Park

The Vinpearl Amusement Park is close by and located on the small island of Hon Tre on the other side of the bay Nha Trang Bay.

It is a large theme park that will please the kids with its numerous water slides, games, rides and wave pool.

Rather than making a boat trip, you can cross above Nha Trang Beach in a cable car that spans the bay.

There is a huge aquarium that covers 3,000 square meters and comes with a motorized walkway that takes visitors through a tunnel to see the 300+ species of fish, including the Koi, Vietnam fisherman used to fish for years ago.

There is enough to do here to make it a complete day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Nha Trang city.

While the kids are playing parents can soak up some rays on the local beach or take a trip around the local shopping mall.

For lovers of scuba diving, this island is the ideal place between April and August where the waters are crystal clear.

Mun Island Nha Trang Vietnam4. Mun Island

This can be an excellent trip for all the family. It takes a 45-minute boat trip to Mun Island. Here there is an abundance of marine life and around 1,500 different species.

Kids will love the glass-bottomed boats while parents can sample the floating bar. This dishes up a once in a lifetime experience for any traveler.

Large Boulders of Hon Chong Nha Trang Vietnam5. See the Large Boulders of Hon Chong

This is yet another beach, but Hon Chong offers something very unique. There are fantastic views of the mountains that make up the coastline, and there are massive boulders which are mysteriously stacked together.

It doesn’t matter what the weather throws at them, they sit there in their solitude huddled together.

The beach is more local and not as popular as some, and there is also the House of the Bay visitors can see on their treks through the sand. It is possible to soak in the sights from atop of the cliff, or you can dip your toes in the clear waters.

National Oceanographic Museum of Nha Trang Vietnam6. National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam

If the family has had enough soaking in the sea and sun, then the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam can make a trip that will keep kids amused for a while. There are over 20,000 preserved and live marine specimens to see.

Such is the size of the National Oceanographic Museum that it takes up two floors in an old French Colonial building which is a few kilometers south of Nha Trang City.

On the ground floor are all the live exhibits such as reef sharks, scorpion fish, puffers and many others.

Upstairs are all the specimens that are preserved, these include animal skeletons, local boats and lots of other fishing artifacts.

The most significant being the skeleton of a humpback whale that covers 18 meters in length.

Mud Baths Nha Trang Vietnam7. Try the Mud Baths

This can make for a relaxing day for all the family, and Nha Trang has more than its fair share of mud baths.

There are four places you can take a mud bath, so there is no shortage, and the mud here is supposed to be the best in the world.

One of the best is only a 5km jaunt. For I-Resorts World mud bath Nha Trang, this is the best because you also have the option of using one of 40 private pools. Hot mineral pools and even some hot springs.

Children can enjoy it, and the cost is reduced for their entry which can make it even more relaxing. Thap Ba Hot Spring is another well-known place to visit as is the 100 eggs theme park.

Waterfalls in Yang Bay Nha Trang Vietnam8. Try the Waterfalls in Yang Bay

Yang Bay isn’t what you expect, because it is a primeval forest. What was once only forest with waterfalls, has been transformed into an ecotourism area.

There are still the waterfalls, but now there are bird gardens, orchid gardens and lots of other things to see.

While you might think that being in the middle of a forest will leave you short for lunch, there are places to eat. While not street food, it is definitely local delicacies that are on the menu that will please any taste buds.

Beautiful Street Nha Trang Vietnam9. The City’s Most Beautiful Street

If you fancy a stroll, then there is no other street like it in Nha Trang. The name of the city means river and reed, and history says there were reeds all around the area, and as the river cuts through the town, that was where the name came from.

However, there was another theory. All the houses used to be made from mud and reeds that were taken from the river.

The only house which was different was that of the famous French immunologist Alexandre Yersin. It was a sailor who shouted out Nha Trang which means ‘White House.’

The street in question is Tran Phu and is itself named after the first General Secretary of the Indochinese Communist Party. His old house is now home to the Water puppet show which can be a place to end up before heading back to the hotel.

Over 400 puppets are controlled on then of poles in a large pool of water which can be something to amuse children of all ages.

Bai Dai Beach Nha Trang Vietnam10. Bai Dai Beach

If there is ever a day when you are stumped what to do in Nha Trang, then the answer is simple. Take a trip to Bai Dai Beach (pronounced bye-yai)

It is about 20km from the city but is still popular, and for some, it might be too popular, but it does dish up some of the best sand and waters where the kids can play.

There is more than enough to keep a full family occupied for a full day, and it is seeing its own explosion in tourists visiting.

There are numerous places to eat the freshest seafood you could think of, and there is the chance to relax on the sand or rented beach chairs.

You can even rent one of the numerous water craft and enjoy the afternoon taking in some watersports.

Nha Trang is quickly becoming one of the hot spots to visit in Vietnam. There are plenty of things to do for a few hours or full days trips depending on how far you want to travel away from the city.

However, it is possible to remain close to the town as there are enough local beaches to fill in those lazy days.

If you are feeling adventurous, there are countless trips which will take you off into the wilderness, and you can take a step or two back in history to see how the people used to live with the salt fields and the paddy fields that are scattered across the region.

10 Best Things to Do in Nha Trang Vietnam