How Many Miles to Travel Around the World?

It can be a considerable undertaking to decide to travel around the world. However, many individuals choose to do such a thing.

When you decide to do this, you have lots to consider. The first significant thing you need to know is where you wish to visit. This does have a considerable bearing on your destinations and modes of travel.

To make things easier to understand, here is a quick guide into some of the things you need to ponder over before you set out like Phileas Fogg, and try to travel around the world in 80 days.

Travel Around the World

How Many Miles Does it Take to Go Around the World?

If you were to go around the widest part of the earth, you would travel 24,906 miles, yet this means you miss all the glorious things to see and experience.

As an example, you can spend around a year traveling and not take in anywhere near all the countries there is to see.

Here is a breakdown where you can visit in a year. This will cover thirty-five countries and five continents with a rough mileage of just over 87,000 miles.

Start in the USA and head to Denmark. Move on to travel around Italy before taking in nearby countries of Germany and Austria. With flights to South Africa, you can explore all this continent has to offer with Safaris and other natural wonders.

A quick stopover in the UAE then leads you to the Nepal region and a circular trip around India. You can include Bhutan before circumnavigating India, yet it does cost much more per day.

From here, you can visit one of the most popular regions of Southeast Asia. You can work your way around Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

With China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Fiji, and down to New Zealand before a jaunt up to Australia for a while and then back up to Bali for a few days.

Many travelers who do in this direction will start to see the end of their trip with Singapore, South Korea, and Kuala Lumpur among their last destinations. With Japan last, you can take a trip back to the USA, but that is if that was your first place of departure.

You can see that there are many countries to visit, and here there are so many missing. A trip of this magnitude and you may wonder about your travel.

Fly Around the World

How Long to Fly Around the World?

To take the shortest route possible, it takes 45 hours to fly once around the world, yet to see everything, you will need a few stop-offs.

If you took the above example, you might think there is an obscene number of flights, yet you can purchase RTW (Round the World) tickets.

If you purchase as you go, you do have more flexibility, yet it costs much more.

With your planning, you can make your trip more accessible and more straightforward. You plan your route, book your ticket, and then spend the rest of the time, gathering all your other items.

While there are limitations and conditions, these are worthwhile sacrifices to save money while traveling further.

These tickets work by using the partners of the airlines. You can purchase seats in different classes, yet it will depend on your budget.

A good example being Star Alliance, and with this, you have over 1,200 destinations in 190 countries. Covering this is 26 different airlines.

What you have in your allocation will be around 16 different flights, and covering a
distance of 39,000 miles.

Such companies have booking maps to help you plan, but the interesting portions are where you travel across land in-between each of your long haul flights. The distance of these areas is still in your mileage allocation.

Once you see how you can fly easily, and how you can make your way across the land, you can tailor the countries you wish to visit.

Much of the answers to these questions are how long you want to travel. Besides, is an allocation of 39,000 miles sufficient to visit all the countries you wish to?

How Many Miles to Travel Around the World

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