9 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Thailand

Thailand sits right in the middle of Southeast Asia and can act as the travel hub to near enough any other country.

It doesn’t matter if you are heading north through Chiang Rai into Laos or Myanmar, or visiting Thailand to head in the opposite direction toward Cambodia and Vietnam. Even if you visit Thailand as the only country on your visit, there are lots to do and see.

However, traveling to Thailand needs some careful planning, and there are plenty of differences in culture.

Tips on Traveling to Thailand

You may find people in some areas a little different, and the Thai people closer to Koh Samui are more in line with western culture.

However, there are plenty of things to know before traveling to Thailand, so here are nine of the best travel tips to make your trip more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Thailand Travel Tips

1. Weather

Many travelers tend to say never to travel to Thailand in the rainy season. However, it can be a blessing to face a quick downpour when you are all hot and clammy. Besides this, it doesn’t tend to rain all day, and you won’t have a ruined trip.

You can also find better deals than if you were to travel around the New Year when the prices are hiked up.

2. Culture

No matter where you visit in the Land of Smiles, there is a vibrant culture in many different areas.

The people are also very respectful, so you do need to do as they do. Removing shoes, dressing accordingly in public places such as the Grand Palace, and knowing what you can touch, and what you can’t. Besides this, never receive or offer anything with your left hand.

3. Currency

One US Dollar will get you around thirty Thai Baht. You can exchange your money before you head off, or you can use debit or credit cards at ATMs and in large stores.

Exchanging in local money exchangers, and you may face more significant commission rates than you would in other places.

4. Haggling

While a travel guide can tell you where to go, they won’t tell you what you should be doing to get the best value for money.

While Haggling over something may not work on Phi Phi Islands because it’s packed full of tourists.

You may have a better look as you stroll up and down the Chap Phraya River and sampling the Thai food. In markets or anywhere there are many stalls, you can bargain within reason.

Tuktuk Thailand Adventures

5. Watch Out for the Tuk Tuks

The majority of the population are honest, yet when you get to the tuk-tuk drivers, then they may
lose their honesty. Any Thailand travel won’t be complete without a trip on a tuk-tuk.

Drivers of tuk-tuks are too eager to tell you a better location than the one you want. Be sure to know your opening times and the distances to where you want to go. He may drive around in circles just to get a few extra baht.

One other thing is to avoid traveling this way, early in the morning or in the evening rush hour.

6. Don’t Be Scared of the Street Food

One of the best Thailand travel tips is to watch the water rather than the food. Stick to drinking from bottles, and even when cleaning your teeth, make sure you boil the water.

Concerning the food, a little common sense means you won’t miss out on one thing Thailand is famous for. Street food has a fast turn over, so as long as the place is in a busy area, you are almost sure to eat safe food.

You may find it is fresher than what a restaurant serves up. One other thing; is to stick to eating out and ditch the all-inclusive, you can save a fortune.

7. Forget Animal Encounters

Anyone who takes a trip to Thailand may envision a ride on an elephant, or getting up close to other wild animals.

Thailand is one of the countries actively trying to stamp out this practice and has countless sanctuaries for such animals.

You can visit and help in Elephant Nature Parks in Chiang Mai if you wish to be up close to these magnificent animals.

8. Don’t Forget Your Vaccinations

Anyone traveling to Thailand should be sure to have all their shots before they go. While there may be little chance of catching anything, the levels of personal hygiene can vary in some areas.

Ones to be thinking about are rabies, typhoid, malaria, and Hepatitis A. Built-up areas are usually safer than remote regions for the like of mosquitos and malaria.

9. Never Buy Anything with a Buddha

With so many temples and images of Buddha around, you would think this is one of the largest industries inside Thailand. However, you may see signs dotted around which say not to purchase any large item with a Buddha as a sign of respect.

You will find any goods sold in Thailand with this image; they do source from outside the country. One thing to be sure of is not to have a drink too many and ask for a Buddha tattoo, which everyone will frown upon.

Thailand is a safe and beautiful country


In general, Thailand is an easy and safe country to visit, and they do their best to welcome every traveler. Aside from the above tips. You can find many more, yet a bit of common sense can see you get past these easily.

Two things, which can catch out many a visitor to Thailand, is the use of toilet tissue. You may encounter a very different experience in some areas. Second is the ladyboys who you may meet on a night out.

Keep your wits about you, and Thailand is a beautiful country where to go on vacation.

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9 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Thailand

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