Can You Take Slime On A Plane

Slimes have become a popular toy among kids in recent years. With its malleable texture and distinct appearance, children tend to get fascinated with it. Playing with slimes is not only an enjoyable activity but also unleashes their inner chemists in them by experimenting with it.

Some kids can’t let go of their slimes wherever they go, and this includes their travels. If your children are planning to take their gooey toys with them on your next trip, here’s everything you need to know about bringing slime on a plane.

What Is A Slime

For those who aren’t familiar with slimes, slime is a non-Newtonian fluid; it’s neither a liquid nor a solid. Kids can pick them up like a solid material, but it also oozes like a liquid but not as watery. Since they don’t have shape, their shape adapts to whatever container they are placed in. Its elasticity also allows them to bounce like a ball or ooze in your fingers whenever they’re held. (Read Will A Stiiizy Pass A Metal Detector)


How Did Slime Become Popular

Slime has been existing for decades before it gained traction in recent years. The slime trend began when some people posted videos of them playing with it on Instagram, which was followed by similar videos uploaded on YouTube. More videos followed, which varied from experiments to creations that caught the attention of viewers including kids.

Since then, kids have also started becoming fond of slime and they search for videos on how to create or mix one on their own.

Why Is Slime Popular Among Kids

There are various reasons why children are obsessed with slime. Apart from the sensory experience it gives, here are other reasons why slimes are popular among kids:

They are fun to play with

There’s nothing quite like the unique experience kids get from playing with slimes. The way they get to pull it apart, stretch it out, or even squeeze it to create long strands gives them so much fun. Yes, they can get messy at times but that’s what makes them all the more enjoyable!

They make a great educational tool

Kids love playing with slimes because they get to live their experimenting fantasies with them. Not only they can mix different colors, but they also get to explore textures and scents. Plus, the more they are invested in something that stimulates their mind, the more they become great problem-solvers. This makes a great educational tool for kids even while at home!

They teach kids to be creative

One thing kids love about slime is how they never run out of ways to get creative with it. They can mix different colors and scents, they can make it as sticky as they like, or be as gooey depending on their preference. Some can even make recipes out of it once they’ve gotten hold of them. There are numerous ways children can do with it that unleashes their creative side.

They also build confidence

If you notice your kids lacking in confidence and taking more time in playing slime, let them be! Letting your kids become an expert in something they truly enjoy lets them become a master of their craft. Through this, it helps them build confidence by knowing they are good at something they love.

Can You Bring Slime On A Plane

person playing with slime

If your kids couldn’t get enough of their slimes or you’re bringing one as a gift, don’t worry because slimes are allowed on the plane! However, there are some things you should keep in mind when you carry them on a plane. (Read 1 Month Southeast Asia Itinerary)

Slimes are considered liquid

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) considers slimes as liquids, so their 3-1-1 rules apply to them. If you’re not familiar with it, this is what is stated on the TSA website:

  • 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or smaller-size container that fits in 1 quart-sized container may go in carry-on and through checkpoint security.
  • Meanwhile, containers that are larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) regardless of the amount inside must be in checked baggage.

This means your children’s slime should be placed inside a small size container or a quart-sized bag if you plan to place it in your carry-on baggage. There are also slimes available in 1 oz, so it’s best to bring these smaller ones if you do not want to transfer them in a container.

You can only carry one slime bag

If your kids have a lot of slime, remember that you can only carry one bag of it on the plane. This is the most you can bring if they have to take it wherever you will go. The same goes if you plan to bring one as a gift or souvenir – you can only take a single bag of slime.

Airport security is strict with the liquid regulation

While TSA allows slime, they can be very strict with their regulation. If you do not comply with their 3-1-1 rule or bring less than 3.4 ounces, they will confiscate your item immediately.

Take note that different rules may apply for international airports, so it’s best to always do your research or ask about the place you’ll be going to avoid trouble.

You can reach out to TSA for confirmation

If you’re still unsure whether the slime you’ll bring is safe, you can reach out to TSA on Twitter to confirm. You can also ask them further questions regarding slimes and other related items you plan to carry with you. This saves you from the hassle of dealing with airport security once you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have further questions about slimes in general, these pieces of information might help:

Is slime safe?

Slimes are generally safe. However, some people might get allergic reactions to some of its ingredients, so better check beforehand if any of it can trigger your allergies.

Is slime flammable?

No, slime isn’t flammable. However, one of its ingredients, Borax, has been reported to cause chemical burns once carelessly used.

Is it true that slime can be dangerous?

As mentioned, slimes can trigger allergies or cause burns when mishandled. Severe burns are possible with repeated and prolonged contact so make sure to limit your kids’ playing time if you notice any changes on their skin.

How long does slime last?

Slimes can last for a month when stored properly. Keep them in an airtight container to prevent them from drying out and molding.

How do I make slime?

There are many different ways to make slime, but the most common recipes include these ingredients: Borax, liquid detergent, contact solution, glue, cornstarch, shaving cream, shampoo, glitter, and food coloring.

Depending on the slime you’ll create, there are recipes you can follow on the internet such as recipes for cleaning slimes, fluffy slimes, and more. (Read Can You Dip On A Plane)

Final Thoughts

Can you bring slime on a plane? Yes, you can very much do so without a problem! Whether as a toy for your children or as a gift you plan to bring on your air travel, you can safely carry them with you. Just take note of the rules and regulations about taking them, and you surely won’t encounter any hiccups on your trip. So, go pack your bags and bring your kids’ favorite toy with you!

Can You Take Slime On A Plane


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