How Many Days Do You Need In Prague

One of the best suggestions I ever got was to visit the Czech Republic. Vacationing in Prague, the capital and largest city, was an unforgettable experience. It is truly one of Europe’s finest destinations.

What makes this an ideal place to visit is it a rich cultural center and has many scenic places. The architectural heritage is unmatched, reflecting its Bohemia past and urban life that dates back over 1,000 years.

Eagle eye view of the bridges in Prague

How Many Days Do You Need In Prague?

For such a picturesque place to visit, how many days should you allocate to appreciate the city? The common consensus seems to be 3 to 4 days. This is how many days in Prague, most seasoned travelers recommend. I am inclined to agree with that duration based on my own experience. (Learn How to Travel on a Budget)

How to Visit Prague

To organize your visit and get the most out of your time, I suggest seeing the place this way. First, determine places to visit, and second, is to identify things to do. I believe you will have a more fulfilling time if you look at your vacation this way.

So here are a few suggestions to help you plan a Prague visit. This is just my opinion and is certainly by no means a definitive list. I do hope most of you will agree with my picks.

6 Must-See Places in Prague

1. Prague Castle

This is the biggest ancient (over 1000 years old) castle in the world, and it stands majestically over the Vltava River. Prague Castle was originally the home of the kings of Bohemia. Today it serves as the official residence of the Czech president and is a popular tourist site.

Architecture fans will love the complex structure that features many classical styles. You name it, whether Gothic structures from the 14th century or equally amazing 10th-century Romanesque buildings.

2. Petrin Hill

Botanical enthusiasts will marvel at the diverse number of plant species here. Petrín Hill is a large outdoor area in the city that boasts of several gardens. Among those are Nebozízek Garden, a rose garden (Rosarium), a labyrinth known as The Mirror Maze, and the Seminary Garden with a 2,100 fruit tree collection.

The area is centuries old, dating back to the 12th century with a storied past. A popular part of the park is the Petrín Observation Tower, built in the late 1800s. It offers stunning views on a clear day from the tower top.

3. Charles Bridge

The bridge gets its name from Charles IV, under whose reign it was built. Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in the Vltava river spanning over half a kilometer long. It is situated in the heritage part of Prague, and on a typical day, tourists swarm the bridge.

People gathered in Prague between the sea

Some travelers (including myself) recommend a sunrise visit to the bridge, which is enchanting. Alone on this 10-meter wide structure just at the break of dawn transports you back to ancient Prague.

4. The National Museum

Set aside at least half a day to see the National Museum (Národní Muzeum). This collection of buildings is home to a variety of artifacts, in addition to arts and music. As the oldest museum in the Czech Republic, it has among its treasures 1st-and 2nd-century Roman artifacts, as well as Early Iron and Bronze Age items.

Another museum to visit is the National Technical Museum (Národní technické museum), the repository of Czech technological advances like automobiles, aircraft, and various machines.

5. Church of Our Lady Victorious (Infant Jesus of Prague)

A treat not just for the devout, the Infant Jesus of Prague statue is world-famous. Catholics attribute many miracles to the Infant Jesus of Prague, and it is a holy symbol. Non-Catholic visitors can admire the church for its beautiful interior and design. A small museum contains a collection of the Infant Jesus of Prague’s robes.

6. Try a Prague Country Tour in The Outer Fringes

Just a stone’s throw away from Prague is the pristine Czech countryside. Many of these destinations are some of the most beautiful in Europe. Travelers can explore thru outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and swimming in stunning, breathtaking places. (How Many Miles to Travel Around the World?)

5 Must-Do Things in Prague

1. Have Authentic Czech Food

I agree that if you truly wish to immerse yourself in a culture, it is thru food. Prague is famous for its beer, local gingerbread, pickled cheese, apple strudel, and traditional Bohemian sauerkraut soup. Other food suggestions would be the local salami and ham, pork belly, open-faced sandwiches, braised beef with dumplings, and Koleno, a very popular chunk of pork knee.

2. Take a Vltava River Cruise

Experience Prague thru the river Vltava for a distinctive cultural immersion. You will see dozens of historical monuments and structures in tours that can last about 2 hours or more. Cruises vary in price and usually include meals, and you see the city from a unique vantage point.

3. Soak In the Prague Nightlife

I think Prague’s nightlife is difficult to top, with its first-rate classical music and Jazz featured in the many music venues. The club scene is not bad either, with places like the industrial themed Cross Club. The pubs and their world-class beer also need no introduction.

4. Check Out the Lennon Wall

Although steeped in tradition and culture, Prague is no slouch when it comes to pop culture. Fans of the Fab 4 will enjoy Prague’s ultimate expression of Beatlemania, the Lennon Wall. The wall is a graffiti-covered homage and is a popular tourist destination ever since the 1980s.

5. Visit Náplavka Farmers Market

This a great place to have a bite to eat or for buying a Prague souvenir. If you are a foodie, this is a must-visit place since it is a food stall hub mostly, with some vendors of handmade gifts. The market is also conveniently close to the Vltava River.

There you have it! Regardless of what you decide to do in Prague, I guarantee that this city will astound you.

How Many Days Do You Need In Prague

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