How to Travel Nova Scotia On A Budget

Beautiful, picturesque and serene, this is Canada’s second-smallest province with 13,300 km of coastline.

However, do not let the size fool you, as this peninsula’s long coastline is dotted with beaches, beautiful lighthouses, fishing harbors, and inviting islands. Nova Scotia has pleasing breezy weather, sometimes damp, while summers are sunny and bright,

It is a varied landscape with salt marshes of the Bay of Fundy west, the misty Atlantic Ocean in the southeast and the northern Gaelic highlands of Cape Breton. Halifax, the capital city, is a place you can tour on foot that has five-star dining places, an active waterfront, and a thriving artisan culture.

Budget Travelling Tips on Nova Scotia

How to Travel Nova Scotia on a Budget

Travel in Nova Scotia and expect to earmark a budget of at least USD 70 a day. This is the average daily price based on the expenses of most visitors, which includes meals, accommodation and transportation. (Read How Many Miles Is It Around the World)

Transport and accommodation will consume most of your budget when travelling here. In case you want to stay anywhere fancier than hostels, and indulge activities like tidal bore rafting or whale watching, you would need a budget of up to USD 200 a day. Therefore, it really depends on your expectations and willingness to simplify or ramp up things.

Double or Even Multiply the Fun

Traveling to Nova Scotia for couples can be a cost-cutting strategy since you can share a room and car rentals.

A traveling mate is thus a good idea or better yet, organize a trip with friends for a fun group. Another budget-stretching trick is to organize picnic lunches or opt for inexpensive places to eat rather than swanky restaurants.

This is, after all, a sightseeing trip and not a food adventure. Scheduling is likewise another way to cut trip cost. Travel during the early weeks of June or at the onset of autumn in September.

The warm climate will be very cooperative, and everything is generally cheaper and less crowded. Something to consider is to rent bicycles and take to Nova Scotia’s quiet roads for a totally liberating experience.

A Travel Guide – Nova Scotia on a Budget

Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

The boardwalk is a long one, and exploring it is both fun in summer or during colder months. Expect to see bagpipers, deep-sea fishing tours, street performers, and harbor tours. The two-mile-long boardwalk is full of activity like beach volleyball games happening as you stroll along.

Halifax Public Gardens

The gardens are the most popular destination in Nova Scotia. It is an old-world styled garden opened to the public in 1867. It occupies 16 acres and is in exquisite Victorian Gardenesque manner.

Symmetry characterizes the gardens of that era which is evident here. Huge trees numbering 240 varieties are still original to the place. The Victorians were passionate about gardens and introduced many new species to Halifax.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

To see unbelievable panoramas of Halifax and its famous harbor, climb the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. This military site is steeped in history, and you can explore the fort walls, visit the onsite museum, and see the many cannons in person.

This 19th-century fort has astounding vistas. On certain months, the Citadel has two British regiments of the British Army doing live re-enactments.

Historic Farmers’ Market

This might be tricky since it only opens on Saturdays, but if your schedule permits, do not miss it. It is very old and has evolved thru the decades. Here locally farmed produce, meats and local crafts are sold. I enjoyed the fresh flowers, maple syrup, and famous honey.

Canoeing in Halifax

In Nova Scotia, canoeing is a popular sport and pastime. Halifax Harbor is an ideal place to get into it, and you will have lots of company. What’s more, it gives tourists a great view of the city and waterfront. Of course, expect to pay a modest fee for kayak or canoe rental.

For the thrifty traveler, you could avail of a free canoe if you went to a place called Northwest Arm. There you will find St. Mary’s Boat Club, which has free canoes exclusively on weekends.

Nova Scotia on a Shoestring Budget

I think I was pleasantly surprised that Nova Scotia can be a budget-friendly destination if you are smart about it. I was not expecting free things to do there are, but if you do some research, you will discover them.

The wide assortment of things to do helps to make Nova Scotia such a fun travel destination to visit in Canada, even if on a tight budget.

How to Travel Nova Scotia On A Budget

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