Will A Stiiizy Pass A Metal Detector

Vape or e cigarette device is now one of the most popular ways of consuming tobacco and cannabis. However, a vape is just the device as it needs vape pods to produce the aerosol byproduct. Vape pods consist of flavorings and other chemicals that the user inhales.

STIIIZY is a vaping device made explicitly for cannabis oil. It is a cannabis company based in San Francisco, California, that started by selling cannabis-flavored vape pods, paving the way for its fame. Their name originated from the California slang “steez,” which means style and ease.

True to its name, STIIIZY emerged as the leading brand for cannabis goods. It now provides a wide range of quality cannabis products aside from pods that are portable and easy to use. Since its establishment in 2017, STIIIZY has now a huge following.

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Since STIIIZY products are marketed as portable, many people want to bring them wherever they are. People are curious will a STIIIZY pass a metal detector? To answer this, we must first understand why metal detectors go off. (Read Can I Bring Metal Water Bottle On Plane)

Why do Metal Detectors Go Off?

It is impossible to see or understand the magnetic field. Other factors will also have an impact on it. For finding concealed metal objects, handheld metal detectors are especially useful.

The primary element influencing the detection capabilities is the type of metal detecting technology. Additionally, there will be variations among detectors with the same technology, in terms of their extra features. Different target metal types have varying capacities to produce magnetic fields in metals.

Metal detectors identify items with metallic objects. In cases of disposable vapes, they are frequently made of high-quality plastic without metallic elements. However, a metal detector may go off when the disposable vape coil contains metal elements.

There’s also the battery to consider as a possible issue. A lithium-ion battery is another metal form typically seen in disposable vaporizers. However, a metal detector may overlook these batteries because of their small size.

Do Disposable Vapes Go Off in Metal Detectors?

The vape pen will undoubtedly set off an alarm if you walk through a metal detector. However, not all disposable vapes can be detected, especially if they do not contain any metal. It still relies on the materials needed to build your vape pens accurately.

Some vape pens made of plastic or ceramic will not go off a metal detector. There are still other potential risks to consider because most of them contain metal objects. So be cautious when traveling and trying to bring your pen.

If you know you’re carrying a vape pen containing metallic items, this will set off a metal detector. Removing the metallic parts first before passing through a detector is recommended. Then put the vape pen in your pocket and walk through the metal detector again.

There are protocols when it comes to e-cigarette devices and vape juices. If you want to bring a vape pen on your travels, ensure there isn’t any illegal substance. Check the rules of your airline before bringing them along with you, and you shouldn’t have any trouble. (Read Can You Take Frozen Meat On A Plane)

Does a STIIIZY have metal?

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STIIIZY’s key goals are product safety and quality, as they guarantee a remarkable experience with their products. As a result, they ensure that their goods are made of high-quality materials and have a long battery life. This benefited them because they are now the market leaders in the cannabis industry.

Essentially, great vape devices possess these three main qualities: portability, functionality, and user-friendliness. All of these are with STIIIZY products already. However, making small yet powerful vaping devices is challenging.

Only a relatively small number of producers have satisfied customer expectations. Several companies do make cannabis products that are both incredibly portable and effective. In addition, they went above and beyond to meet the demands of cannabis vape users.

Battery Technology

The STIIIZY battery has a 210mAh rechargeable battery, which provides a longer battery life than others. It is intended to be visible through the pod’s oil chamber. Charge the STIIIZY box after opening it, insert the capsule, and inhale.

A single charge of its battery will give you 40 hits. Another function of this is it detects and heats the coil during inhalation. The device automatically shuts off once you put it away from your mouth. 

Device Mechanism

Vaping devices are only compatible with cannabis oil, capsules, and concentrates. It cannot vaporize other plants and herbs. But, they launched their recent product called LIIIT, a cannabis flower product.

Vape pens are powered batteries to produce aerosol vapor. They have the appearance and feel of tobacco cigarettes yet contain no tobacco. E cigarette devices are popular because the nicotine liquid in a little cartridge comes in various flavors.

Quality of Cannabis Oil 

Our growers cultivate robust, high-yielding cannabis appropriate for flower consumption or high-yielding oils inside. STIIIZY grows, hand-picks, and names all of our strains in-house.

For all their extraction process needs, they use cutting-edge lab technology. It also takes a good flower to produce an excellent extract. As a result, their growers breed only the best strains consistent in flavor and potency.

STIIIZY has met the demands of its clients while remaining true to its core values. Metals are not present in the construction of their items. They have demonstrated their commitment to supplying clients with high-quality items.

Will a STIIIZY pass a metal detector?

There are several reasons why a metal detector may not detect a STIIIZY metal detector. The most obvious one is the presence of plastic materials. The pen’s size, shape, and configuration make it less like to stick out in a crowd. 

There’s also the fact that many metal detectors can be adjusted to a preference. The officer-in-charge can change the level of sensitivity, allowing users to find specific things while disregarding others. Finally, the mere presence of vape pens doesn’t pose an immediate threat, and security personnel may begin to ease their search.

There are too many variables at play to give a definitive answer. STIIIZY does appear to be a discreet pen with little chance of being detected by a metal detector. Ultimately, it is up to the individual establishments to decide whether or not a user can enter with a STIIIZY pen.

Are STIIIZY products good?

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Yes, STIIIZY is famous for its efficient batteries because it provides options for various users. Not only is it efficient, but its batteries are easy to recharge and provide consistent heating with no leak or burn. Lastly, there are colorful options to choose from

If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality marijuana vaping products, STIIIZY is a recommended brand to browse. They offer various products, such as disposable vape pens, pods, and cartridges.

Both batteries are more streamlined than most other batteries and don’t require as frequent charging. Consistent performance is guaranteed with both batteries consisting of premium ceramic coils and an easy-to-use magnetic USB base. (Learn How To Pack A Picture Frame For Shipping)


A starter kit includes a discrete, 210mAh rechargeable battery that easily fits in your pocket or purse. Users can vape more flavors quickly and easily with a mouthpiece with dual airflow. Battery life is prolonged with fast charging.

While the Pod uses the battery to activate a cartridge with a cannabis concentrate. When the battery is connected, the pod is turned on, and the user may inhale it into the mouthpiece.

If you want a fresh concentrate, there is also a grinder for marijuana buds.


Are you looking for a grinder that’s easy to use but still gives you the best possible results? Then you’ll want to check out a STIIIZY grinder!

Grinders are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to make the most of their dry herb collection. They work by crushing, shredding, and grinding marijuana buds between their interlocking teeth. These accessories typically have two halves, often joined with threading or a magnet in the center.

To use a dry herb grinder:

  1. Place tiny buds onto half of the tool and the other half over it.
  2. Turn it clockwise or counterclockwise according to your specific tool until you reach ten turns or less.
  3. Once you’ve turned it close to ten times, open up the device again and let the ground-up material fall into a clean, flat surface.


Do you love to snack on edibles but don’t want to feel like you’re missing out on the high? And that’s why STIIIZY created BIIIT gummies. They’re bite-sized sweet treats that are perfect for cannabis lovers with a sweet tooth.

BIIIT edibles are packed with flavors and come in two varieties: sour gummy cubes and sour straws. STIIIZY’s sour gummies come in seven fruit-based types, while its sour straws come in four.

The 5 mg of THC per piece of BIIIT sour gummy cubes is ideal for micro-dosing or occasional use. STIIIZY’s BIIIT sour straws, with 10 milligrams for each piece, are an option if you like more potent edibles. There are 20 delectable candies in each BIIIT edibles tin that are ready for consumption.

The question of whether or not a STIIIZY pen will appear on a metal detector is interesting. Considering all of these factors, with a little careful planning, you should be able to get the STIIIZY through the checkpoint. After all, it’s different from everyone searching for vapes. Most of the time, they look for weapons, keys, and wallets. That said, you’ll have to be prepared to answer a few questions from security.

The STIIIZY pen is a discreet, user-friendly vapor pen that will keep non-smokers looking. Because the pen is so new, there are still questions surrounding whether or not metal detectors will find it at significant events. Ultimately, you are bringing the STIIIZY pen at your own risk; there is no guarantee that a security guard won’t find it and stop you from entering. But if you’re trying to bring in a vape pen without being detected, you can try the STIIIZY!

Will A Stiiizy Pass A Metal Detector

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